Although my experience was not a good

Although my experience was not a good one, I have learned mylesson and I have learned a lot about being honest. Being honest can get youout of bad situations and shows trust in a person. Honesty can be displayed indifferent ways including to yourself and to other people.

Being honest toyourself in everything you do is the first step, because if you are not honest toyourself, then you definitely won’t be honest to other people. Being honest toyourself can mean something simple like keeping a promise to yourself and notbreaking it, or it could mean accepting responsibility for your own actions. Beinghonest to other people even more important.

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Being honest to other people createsstrong relationships and trust. Trust is very hard to get from a person if youaren’t honest, but is easy to get if you are honest. Being honest to otherpeople could mean not stealing from others, telling the truth about somethingyou did rather than keeping it a secret, or even keeping your eyes on your ownpaper during a test. Honesty is tested all the time in so many differentproblems and situations. It keeps you out of worse situations and brings you togood. It also makes you a better person and more people will like you if youare honest.

Just by being honest I have formed stronger relationships with myfriends, family, and co-workers and become a better person. To be successful inlife you have to be honest, this I believe. 


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