Almost as a habit and major entertainment in

Almost everyone enjoys seeing movies, whether they prefer action, drama, comedy, horror, romance, or any other genre.

I mean, who doesn’t? Movies have become quite the pastime for people of all ages, all around the globe; it has exceeded as a habit and major entertainment in our society. Some families watch movies as an excellent source of bonding time. Films are shown in areas we can easily approach; places like the cinema, and simply in the comfort of our own home. There’s something to be said about big screen viewing; the realistic surround sounds, reclinable cushion seats, and the overall cinema experience.

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However, our homes provide a comfortable, intimate, and common place for families of all social levels to enjoy classics and newly released films. Viewing movies at home or in a cinema is based on one’s personal preference; although, it can vary upon atmosphere, cost, timeliness and convenience. Home or Theater? They are both quite different upon setting and atmosphere; yet very similar.

No matter where one goes, they’re still going to end up viewing a film. One will still be able to eat to an extent, spend time with friends and family, and overall enjoy themselves. Firstly, the atmosphere when paying a visit to the cinema is a bigger advantage than viewing at home.

One is able to have an excellent viewing experience because of the big screen


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