All and meet the needs of every learner

All teachers must believe that all their learners ought to acquire equal hopes, education and future aspirations from their learning. As a trainee teacher in practice I have taught many learners with different dynamics during this academic year. The main difference is that some learners will learn fast, and others will be slower. There are also other types of learners whom find learning challenging and learning difficulties. In the light of this, it is crucial within the first few weeks of meeting the learners to identify and meet the needs of every learner without discrimination. The following are 3 reasons why it is important to identify and meet individual learner needs when teaching. and Management
In identifying each student’s individual learning needs, that student becomes a kind of partner in their teaching. They can feel a sense of personal, active engagement with the material, rather than a passive, just show up kind of class. This active engagement leads to a more adaptive learning mentality that can better prepare students for future learning and careers. It also shifts the focus from just the test material, broadening the scope of classroom material.

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Teacher as a Learning Facilitator, Not a Lecturer
A shift from teacher-as-lecturer to teacher-as-facilitator can lead to better use of classroom time, and student-teacher interactions. Students can feel as though the teacher is really present in the teaching, and not just imparting test answers. Students can also have a pride of achievement in each goal met, because they helped to set those goals in the first place.


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