All Summer In A Day

All Summer In A Day is a story about a nine year old girl named Margot who moved with her family from Earth to Venus when she was four years old.

She remembered sunny days on Earth, which rarely occurred on Venus. The rain and clouds on Venus affected her emotions. The story took place on the one day when the rain will stop and the sun shined for a couple of hours. Margot’s classmates decided to pull a very mean prank on her when the teacher left the room for a few minutes. I really enjoyed the story, since the author’s descriptive writing illustrated the scenes for me to clearly understand the story. I believe the main theme of the story is about how cruel children can be. II find it amazing how the author was able to transfer so much emotion in such a short number of pages. The story made me feel sadness deep in my heart.

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I felt really bad for Margot. She lived on a planet where the sun hardly came out. She hasn’t seen the sun in a long time. However, she remembered it from the time she lived on Earth. She wanted the feeling of warmth the sun gives.


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