All citizens to share their ideas, opinions and

All South African scholars should be banned from using internet and other technological devicesAll though internet and order technological devices have negative impact on scholars I still strongly argue that it should not be banned from been used. As Orlando J said “Technology is not going away. Locking children away in a tech-free tower until they are adult is not the answer.

” Instead of looking only on negative effects we should find a way of living well with these gadgets.In this essay I will elaborate why I said internet should not be banned. Scholars should engage and interact with the world they live in. They should not be left behind merely because of the negative people that are preying on them. Looking at today’s world it revolves around technology and learners could also learn from social media and entertainment. We all know that we can access the crucial information from social medias like Facebook and Twitter. As internet and its applications extend globally, an increasing number of governments are embracing social medias as one of the major tool to interact with the public, that includes scholars.

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Social media is the channel for citizens to share their ideas, opinions and raise their concerns. 168 wordsRecently there was an announcement by Minister of Health, Dr Aron Motsoaledi about the listeria virus that has been found in the processed meat products, I only found about this information from the chain message that has been going viral on social media. Could it not been for social media I would have still be in the darkness.

It is the fastest and powerful tool to spread the information to date. We just need to choose wisely what messages we spread and scholars need to also choose what kind of message they take in. There are numerous positive aspects associated with social media usage. Scholars can form a group of social media to work together and help each other on their school assignments.In conclusion, as the technology is growing social media has become part of everyday life for everyone.

Use of social media is beneficial but should be used in a responsible and limited way without getting badly addicted


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