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Allorganization divided to deferent sectors that work and corporate together to achieveits goal and the main sector of the organization is the operation functionwhich is the core function of the organization.In an organization Operations managementis something essential in the business function and the responsibility of managingthe process of production of goods and services is the main role of it. And to clarifymore we can say the following actions is the organization mainly taking by the operationmanagement team like; planning, organizing, coordinating with other department,and controlling all the resources needed to produce a company’s goods andservices. And due to it; managing people, equipment which is needed, required technology,gathering information, and all the other resources needed in the production ofgoods and services it goes also under operation management as well. Operationsmanagement is the central core function of every company. And” its play anenormous role in taking actions in the company such Most of the costs of producing goods or services aredirectly related to the costs of acquiring resources, transforming them ordelivering them to customers” (Kotler, 2000).

For many organizations also in the privatesector, reducing costs through efficient operations management gives thema critical competitive in not-for-profit sector, the ability to managecosts is no less important. Moreover, Customers need products that are madecorrectly, are customized to their needs, are delivered on time, and pricedcompetitively. The objectives of operations function can be stated as productprice, flexibility, speed and quality. Achieving these functions to satisfy thecustomers is the importance of Operations Management. In reality, there arevariations in scope of Operations Management in different firms or industry.

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However, the overall objective remains the same.On the other hand, marketingmain reasonability is toward sales, looking after customer demand, andunderstanding customer requires and needs. Consider a car company such as Toyota.The marketing function department of Toyota is responsible for promoting new carsto target customers and bringing customer feedback to the organization.Marketing is essentially the window to customers However, it is the operationsfunction that plans and coordinates all the resources needed to design,produce, and deliver the various vehicles to the regional markets, suppliersshowrooms, and other locations where needed. Without marketing operations,there would be no products to sell to customers.

In addition of vital role in promoting thebusiness and mission of an organization, it serves as the face of your companyfor coordinating and producing all materials representing the business. “It isthe Marketing Department’s job to reach out to prospects, customers, investorsand/or the community, and create an overarching image that represents yourcompany in a positive light” (Kotler, 2000). Every organization seeks adistinctive marketing mix.

This is often referred to as the 4Ps. It involves focusingon:·       The first one is (product): the feature and benefit ofthe product.·       The second one is the (place): where we have to sale theproduct.

·       Third is the (price): offering reasonable price andnoticing competitor prices as well.·       The last is (promotion) offering discount in a seasonalevent for example.  Management function and marketingfunction both try to reach customer expectation by Providing high quality product andservices and as result they gain profit and work to Customers become satisfy in the end ofthe day.

But to look after the quality managers They should know what quality is: Quality defined by different authorsthere are many.”Qualitycan be defined broadly as superiority or excellence” ( Zeithaml, 1988) or QualityCan be definedbroadly as superiority or excellence. Satisfactioncan be defined as a post-purchase evaluation of a product or service givenpre-purchase expectations. Customer Satisfaction has been a central concept inmarketing literature and is an important goal of all business activities.Today, companies face their toughest competition, because they move from aproduct and sales philosophy to a marketing philosophy, which gives a company abetter chance of outperforming competition (Kotler, 2000).

For marketers orservice providers, achieving customer satisfaction is important because it issupposed to be an important motive of customer loyalty, repeated business (withcustomer) and positive word of mouth (Bearden and Teel, 1983). Ascustomer evaluates their level of satisfaction by experimenting the servicequality, satisfaction with services is related to conformation ordisconfirmation of expectations (Smith and Houston 1982).as a result; satisfied customers are more likely torepeat buying products or services. They will also tend to say good things andto recommend the product or service to others. On the other hand dissatisfiedcustomers respond differently.

Dissatisfied customers may try to reduce thedissonance by abandoning or returning the product.  For whatalready we discussed above we can understand the importance of each businessfunction wither its marketing or operation management it is almost like asystem work which each part of the components in the system are important torun and operate well as result in the end achieving the goal and thecoordination between business function well lead to more profit and customersatisfaction basically operation management take care on production of goodsand services and how to manage the recourses of the organization but after theproduction it is the marketing function who involve to find the potentialcustomer and places to introduce the product and to enhance the sale. Inaddition ,marketer responsible to make their own research about customer satisfactionand expectations and deliver the report to the operation manager and depend onthe given report they make the decisions regarding reducing the price ,increasing orders, lowering the cost , producing new product and how to fulfillcustomer expectations.

So it’s all about the teamwork and corporations betweenthe two business functions.


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