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All through the movie the roles that were given to the actors were played very well but, there are some things that had been added to the movie which had displayed some weakness to the movie overall. When Mel Gibson played the role of Hamlet he showed much enthusiasm and shows that he cared very much for playing such an important role. On the other hand, Glenn Close which had filled the role Gertrude, she had not showed the same amount of charisma like Mel Gibson.

At times it felt like she wasn’t giving enough effort and didn’t exhibit enough passion like Mel Gibson had done while playing the role of  Hamlet. Franco Zeffirelli did however have a very good vision for the setting of Hamlet with the location of Elsinore, Denmark being displayed in a Medieval setting just as described in the book which as gave off the feeling of being very authentic. In addition, the Elsinore Castle was portrayed in a very good way but, the costumes on all the actors had a lack of detail. In spite of the movie being very accurate to the actual play itself there were some things that were different. First, the ghost of King Hamlet had told Hamlet, Horatio, and his followers to swear by Hamlet’s sword to not tell anyone that they had seen the ghost of King Hamlet.

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Secondly, in the book it had appeared that Claudius offers the wine to Hamlet however, in the movie Gertrude grabs the wine and drinks it for him.Finally, at the end of the film Hamlet doesn’t announce to Fortinbras to claim the throne and become the king of Denmark as perceived in the book. These unique difference and additions to the movie had given it a quite different perspective of Hamlet then compared to the book. In addition, the editing was decent enough but the scene of King Hamlet being a ghost was very lackluster and felt corny, because it was just King Hamlet as a human walking around and talking. In had seemed that there wasn’t enough effort shown to display King Hamlet as a ghost.

In conclusion, the movie was very good had displayed Hamlet in quite different perspective whether it had been adding its own unique spin to the film or just showing a scene in a different manner. Franco Zeffirelli had directed the film very well and had followed the plot of the play very accurately overall the film the film had given me a good experience of watching Hamlet.        


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