All operates by the Law of Police which

All around the world police corruption is a big problem,meaning that the law enforcement officers abuse the power they get for theirown personal needs. Corruption can involve one person or a group of people.

Russiais on the list of corruptions ranked 131st country out of 176 on thecorruption perception index list, because of that the Russian citizens don’ttrust the police as of the bad laws and them not knowing their rights so theymust stand up for them self. Russia facing the problem of corruption in the policeforce, affects the country in negative way but slowly as the time goes on thereare improving the police force. Russia is one of the biggest country in the world ittakes up 49% of earths 149 million square kilometers, its population is 144.3million as of 2016, due to its size, good law enforcement is a must. There isfederal law enforcement which takes on the responsibilities of a variety ofdifferent agencies, the current primary law enforcement is the Russian policewhich operates by the Law of Police which is approved by the federal assembly whichalso helps sign laws.  The first police forcein Russia was created in 1718 in Petersburg, not so long after, Moscow had createdtheir own police force. As time went by, riots occurred caused by the policeforce, and one of the riots that happened between the police and gendarmes (anarmed police officer in France) marked the initial outbreak of the FebruaryRevolution 1(Oleinik,2003). The police became the main target of the revolutionaries and many were killed,as of that the police Russian Empire was dissolved.

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 In the 18th century is approximately when theRussian corruption had started, when the government officials would perform Kormleniecorruption, which meant that the authority would have received goods, services,and fees from interested areas. In 1715 till this day accepting a bribe inRussia would be considered a crime, but officials started to abuse their powerand started to receive fixed salaries and at that time there was so manyincreased fixed salaries which made it hard to regulate and bribes wheregetting out of control especially for officials. The Bolshevicks established anew Russian law enforcement which was called the Militsiya, and by the 1922bribery was considered a criminal act and would be punishable by death. TheBolshevicks crated Militsiya as they intended that it would help enforce theirnew laws 2(Marenin,1997) as it is would bring an authority of self-organization of people to helpwith laws. This force was known as the police for the country and they were incontrol.  The main problem that lead to the police corruption in Russiawas the officers would use their power they have for their own good, rather thanusing it to protect the country by fighting crimes, this would be categorizedas type of corruption called predatory policing.

The way the police were actinglead citizens to not trust them to protect the public. The police have no setlaws to follow and had no one to keep them running a certain way as the governmentdoesn’t act on what they do bad.  Many policeact rude and cruel and very indifferent to the needs of the people. There havebeen many cases of misconduct from Russia officers that doubt their ability toprotect. People join the police force to try and belief that they did somethinggood in their life and many join for the power they gain which makes them feelunique and that they are in control of people. There are no set requirements tobecome a police officer they accept people that don’t have any background inthe police force which is a big problem. Bribes is caused a lot of corruption; the police force officerswould take money or some sort of gift or some type of other inducement to actin favor of someone who was done something illegal and by giving a bribe officerswill ignore the criminal act they have committed. There was one women in Russiawhere her family was iin danger form a harasser, and the officer refused tohelp as she didn’t give him a bribe (Gerber & Mendelson, 2008).

Police alsoassociate with mafias, as they buy sectors of the law enforcement usually buyingoff traffic cops so they won’t disclose their location 3(Feifer,2003). Police taking bribes show lot of bad sides of the corruption, but thereare many of them that do good for the country but it is just hard to find. Policetake bribes not as a want but as they are underpaid they take it for them to justto survive, and them committing crimes is just a way of living and they see itas normal thing to do.

A former police officer admitted that Russian police commitcrimes on and daily bases, and the government does nothing to reduce thecorruption 4(Levy,2010).          The president of Russia DmitryMedvedev, initialed the Russian police reform which is an ongoing reform which improvedthe efficiency of the Russian police force and helped decrease the amount ofcorruption. The name of the force also changed in the act of making it more universal,it was used to be called Militia and now is called Polisiaya (police). Part ofthe change is that they cut 20% of the law enforcement, which leads to the increasedwageIn March 1,2011 then president Dmitry Medvedev passed theRussian police reform amendment to help improve the Russian police force ofcorruption and improve its public image. First, it had a name changed from militiato a more universal name of polisiaya (police.) It also cut 20% of lawenforcement and increased wage.

This also includes intensive screening and morebackground information for new candidates It also made the Russian police amore federal-level intuition so they where able to get a federal budget. (Bigg,2011) This also include creating a new interacting website where Russiancitizen can rate, comment and ask question about there local police. Last, thenew law stated that detainees had a right to make a call and also receive alawyer and translator the moment there detained. After the reform took place apoll held by the state had mix review 52 % trusted the police, but aindependent study done by Levada Center said 6% thought the force improve while75% saw no change (Bigg, 2011).

It might take more years to fix the corruption of Russia but from I can tellthey’re trying to improve their image as police. The only thing is time willtell what these changes will bring especially with what going on currently withRussia and the Ukraine will this make the situation worse or help establish ahonest police force.                          References Bigg, C. (2011, February 2011). Russian police force to change its name, butnot its ways. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Retrieved fromhttp://www.rferl.

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