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Ali Alhabib


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              Gender equality is a myth



The state of
women representation in the media by global media monitoring projects shows
that women makes up less than a quarter of the those heard, seen in the
newspaper or read about, radio news or even television.according to the GMMP
report year 2010 the estimated figure of 24% did not change from the
observation in the year 2016. Most of the subject areas tallied by researchers
shows that women were seen as  the majority
of the time in four categories-:stories involving female politicians; stories
on fertility, birth control abortion and entrepreneurship; family relations;sterilization
and topics including beauty contests such as fashion, cosmetic surgery,
modelling, which showed a higher fraction of about two thirds of the subjects
depicted in media coverage being  women

What is gender inequality?Gender inequality and
its effects on political, economic and social life?Is gender inequality a


Gender inequality in the
political sphere


There have been discrimination
and brassiness based on gender as men are not treated equally with men who have
ventured into politics

According to J. Dunaway, R. G. Lawrence, M. Rose, C. R. Weber Women
participation in politics has reiterated that in every part of the world women
continue to be largely marginalized from the political sphere often as a
results of practices, discriminatory laws, low education levels, gender
stereotypes and attitudes, effects poverty on women, and lack of access to
better health care.

In the Indian executive government the
representation of women in the parliament is extremely low both globally as
well absolute numbers.( Hinnosaar, M. (2015))


Economic sphere


the gap in the corporate leadership is very critical to eradicate gender
inequality and help to support  diverse
and prolific economies globally.

News shows that women do not
have numerous role models in business or entrepreneurship. Women CEO’s are strategically
more when compared to men( Lavery, L. (2013)).

According to Samuel Okere, & Justina Sam-Okere Women
has the tendency of relying more on their spouses and immediate family for advice relative to men having diverse networks contacts from business
community, society and from school.

Women receiving more mentoring
against men, have resulted to more men advancing more successfully from the
same. However women enjoyed mentor-ship more.


Gender inequality in the
social sphere


According to Mannila, S. (2017), Gender inequality cut across valid
social spheres such as rights, power, work life balance and gender based

Lack of women participation in politics dilutes the will to tackle gender
based violence especially with the medial normalizing violence against women or
polices cutting funds for the refugees outside of the analysis showing that this
form of violence ruins lives of women which is also a trench to the economy.

There is bias in the representation of women in the media with culture
affecting the opportunities for women and the way they are perceived in all
other sphere. There is inadequate legal provisions to impact women in their
social.  economic, and political life. In
the case of pregnancy in the workforce a woman is discriminated (Samuel Okere, &
Justina Sam-Okere)


News shows that the power
in the media , political system and economy shapes the way of formally
establishing legal rights as well as how they are used.  Work life balance is evident when there is no
equal distribution of responsibilities for the elderly and care of children
which are detrimental to quality of life among women across social sphere.
Gender inequality is real and should be eradicated to make the world a better
place for all genders

Therefore the distribution of responsibilities, economic, social and
political polices and laws should provide and equitable ground among st both






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