Alfred the Atlantic Ocean. The Appalachian Mountains were

Alfred Wegener was a meteorologist and astronomer. He was the first scientist to introduce the theory of the continental drift. Wegener theorized that at one point in time all continents were one large pangea, but as time went on they separated.

At first scientists refused to believe this idea and said he had no evidence to prove it, and they claimed that there was no way that continents could move. But only after his death did researchers find an abundance of evidence that supported this once crazy theory.  The first piece of evidence that supports Wegener’s theory is that he found rocks of the same type and age on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. He believed that the rocks formed side by side, and that later these rocks then drifted apart on separate continents.

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Wegener also matched up mountain ranges across the Atlantic Ocean. The Appalachian Mountains were just like mountain ranges in many different countries all around the world. Wegener believed that they formed as one single mountain but later broke up as the continents drifted apart from each other.  The second reason to support this theory is that Wegener also found evidence for his continental drift theory from fossils. The same type of plant and animal fossils are found on continents that are now hundreds of miles away from each other. These organisms would not have been able to move all across the oceans.

For example Fossils of the seed fern Glossopteris are found across all of the southern continents. These seeds are extremely heavy and it would be impossible for them to have been carried across the ocean by wind.  And ultimately because of the climate.

As Wegener gathered information and evidence to support his theory he discovered coal seams and coral reef fossils in places that are way too cold to be able form coal swamps. Coral reefs are only found in warm water so it makes no sense how he would find these ancient coral reefs in places such as Antarctica which are way too cold to produce them.  In conclusion I believe that there is plenty of evidence to support Wegener’s theory that at one point in time all continents were one large pangea until these continents drifted apart and moved to where they were today. This would be the only logical explanation to why we keep discovering fossils and remains of plants and animals that would have never been able to live in the continents that they are in today because of the difference in climate and food.


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