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Hamm Conard

History C



            In early April 1861 president
Lincoln was left with a decision that could create even more tension between
the South and North of America and even possibly start a war. Leading up to the
war, tension between the North and South was very high due to many factors. Was
resupplying fort Sumter the right decision and what impact did it have on
tension between the North and South.


            From the 1600’s to even the 1850’s
the views and opinions of the North and the South different greatly causing
tension. One thing that was different between the North and the South was their
economy. The North’s economy was bustling. Due to its success in industry,
factory work, and technology, the north states experienced growth and was known
as the manufacturing hub of the United States. While on the other hand the
souths, economy deferred greatly from the norths. The southern economies were
rural and mostly agricultural. Although industry did exist in the south, it was
scarce and not nearly as productive as the North. However, cotton, farm goods,
and a slave labor system powered to South to some prosperity. This created some
tension because of the huge difference in economy between the North and the South.

The North thought that the South should become more industrial and the South
thought that the North should focus more on agriculture. The North decided to
implement the southern tariff act that made it more expensive to sell goods
produces from the south to the north which heavily limited the economy of the
south and created tension between the north and the south. As well as the
economy, the difference of the overall quality of life between the north and
the south caused tension as well. In the south, their day revolved around their
agricultural success. Since slave labor dominated the southern states, they
relied on slaves to produce their goods and services. This helped create a
racist bias against the blacks, and also created a racial superiority that was
present throughout southern states. The quality of life in the north differed
greatly than the quality of life in the south. In the north, Everyday life
revolved around its bustling industries. Although there was a bit of farmers,
many migrated to towns and small cities to work for factories. Goods and
services were easily obtainable and cities grew increasingly larger. The big
difference in the quality of life was also for the growing tension from the
1600’s to 1850. Lastly what cause the most tensions between the north and the
south in America from the 1600’s to 1850. In the north, the view on slavery
differed greatly, but many people believed that there should be an outrage end
to slavery. By using industry to produce their goods and services many
northerners didn’t like the idea of using slavery as a mean of economy in the
south. While on the other hand the southern views on slavery mostly revolved
around several ideas. One of the ideas was that slaves were the driving force
of the southern economies and they needed them to work the plantations and to
grow crops. Without them, the production of the south would be weakened. “Although
they were used for hard labor and had a massive impact on the economy in the
south, it was not morally good and they were treated very poorly. In 1619 the
slaves did a voyage from overseas which many slaves died and many others were
severely undernourished”. Because slavery was morally wrong many acts and
crisis were created by the north to abolish slavery. The north hated the fact
of slavery so much that they didn’t even want them to count for people in the
population figures. “Due to the 3/5ths rule in the constitution it stated that
slaves counted for 3/5ths of one person, the north didn’t even like the fact
that they were counted for that much and wanted the 3/5ths compromise uplifted
from when it was made in the constitutional convention”.  One way in which the North tried to abolish
slavery was the Missouri crisis. The Missouri Compromise was an
effort by Congress (located in the north) to try to resolve the tension created
between the north and the south. It stated that Missouri would be a state
in which slavery would be permitted. At the time, the United States contained
twenty-two states, evenly divided between slave and free. This was devastating
for the north as they wanted to abolish slavery and stop states from owning
slaves. Another attempt to lessen the impact of slavery was the introduction of
the Kansas-Nebraska act. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed by the U.S.

Congress on May 30, 1854. It allowed people in the territories
of Kansas and Nebraska to decide for themselves whether or
not to allow slavery within their borders. The Act served to repeal
the Missouri Compromise of 1820 which prohibited slavery north of latitude.

Although this was another attempt to help relief tension between the north and
the south it created even more tension because there was violence in the state
due to the lack of congress making a decision. Kansas was then known as
“bleeding Kansas”. Although there were many efforts to relieve tension between
the north and the south in America, many of them were unsuccessful and it led
to Abraham Lincoln taking matters into his own hands.


best choice for the president of the united states Abraham Lincoln was to
resupply fort Sumter because if he didn’t, then the confederates (south) would
have won the civil war and their ideas and beliefs such as slavery would have
continued to grow and they would never change. Although if Abraham Lincoln does
resupply fort Sumter, then the fighting would continue and many people would
lose their lives due to the decision. There was a great risk by choosing either
options and Lincoln was at a disadvantage. If he lets the south succeed then
the country would no longer be the United States of America, and the country
would merely fall apart. The north also depends on the south to produce
agriculture as there are not many farmers in the north. By letting the south
succeed they are also saving a lot of land that would stay witching the United
States of America, instead of trying to dispute it between the north and the
south and even possibly start a war of its own. As well as the north needing
the south, the south also needs the north which also has a great impact on
whether the south secedes or not. The south needed the north because that was
where the government was located. Congress was located in Washington D.C and it
was accountable for all of the laws and changes to the law that needed to be
made. Another reason why the south needed the north is their economy and their
advances in technology. The south are not as economically and technologically
advanced and they might need help from the north in the near future so this is
another reason why the south would not want to secede from the north.


hindsight, Abraham Lincoln made the right decision which was to resupply fort
Sumter and go to war with the south. If he did not resupply fort Sumter it can
be inferred that the south would secede from the north which would break up the
entirety of the United States of America that was made in the constitutional
convention. Even if the sough seceded it is likely that they would have gone to
war anyway due to border agreements and the differences in views and opinions.

Also, if the south seceded they would have a weak and unstable economy and
central government which could lead to the south being even in more conflict
than it was before. As well as being bad for the south, if the south secedes
the north also lose a lot of potential. There would no longer be much
agriculture because the landscape in the north does not let them farm
efficiently. Without raw materials, there would be nothing to make goods from
and thus their economy would also plummet. The south would have been in favor
if they seceded, but in order for the United States of America to function as
it was built to in the constitutional convention both the north and the south
need to work together to strengthen the economy and the central government of
the entirety of the country.






















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