Alejandro and the street would be paved

Alejandro ZangProfessor Jason ReischelHistory 3401-M617 september 2018New York BurningBy Jill LeporeNew york burning, a book written by Jill Lepore telling a story that was part of new york history. The book want to tell how slave got liberty in new york in the 18th century, as new york was considered a magnificent city and the street would be paved with parks and trees, but beyond the the city there can be horrible truth of freedom being taken and live their lives as slaves.As the author say on the book that the city of new york has become city of slavery as it happen to have 200 planing to burn structure and the murder of whites. A part of the book say that there were men and women being sold into slavery on the caribbean. Back then slavery was a political issue, but what happen that new york suggest is that there was a struggle on influence handling to the current political parties. While the book show us that the slaves were suspected of conspiracy as it shows on the first two chapter.

In this record, lepore try to screen out facts from fiction and lepore is dependant on other political, cultural, social and historical discoveries during the period. He’s conclusion is that the conspiracy incident and the defendant flawed trial deserve to be restored to history. In addition a close observation of this incident helps to understand the persistence of the colonial slavery and racism and the actual growth even in the white group the voice of freedom grows: maybe the paradox of freedom mystery and slavery it can never be solved. What happened according to horsmandens record in early 1741 shortly after the coldest winter known to the colonial city manhattan, fire broke out in a short period of time.

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In the interpretation of this incident there were rumor of slave working under the leadership of whites. Lepore brings the story together from the origin of conspiracy recognized from the accused horsmandes diary. What strikes me the most on this novel it was when the story said that the slaves were plotting to burn the structure in the city. This was a persuasive part of how bad the slavery was at the north. This has gave me a greater understanding in how the north wasn’t so different than the south at the time. Both side supported slavery but in the north it wasn’t as visible as in the south/ history has talked how the south was pro slavery that it made us forget that the north also used slave and made us think that the north was more civilized than the south.

The book new york burning has changed the way i look at some history and when history is taught, one have to read in between the line on what’s facts and fiction. New york burning is a book that was written by lepore who has made a great deal of research to write that it would give us a great understanding on how the north also had as much slaves as the south. Situation the concern with people who are or think are politically right, like the english immigrant that came to new land showing no concern of other people who were inhabiting the land at the moment or the other low class races. As in the story with horsmanden of the court of justice that played an important role for the chain reaction for what was about to happen that was related to theft and the incident with the slaves burning the structure. Furthermore the novel doesn’t give much of a conclusion on the justice diary.All in all the book was well written with a thorough research on the slave matter that lead to the fire of the slave and lepore describe that is bright and challenging to wake new york from the ethical view on freedom.

On the novel lepore has given its reader an ending with several slaves being executed. The book depict the terrible matter which lead to the action of american revolution that highlight the seriousness on slavery and the fear that the colonies had at the time for fear that the slaves were going to rebel, which was a good theme to gives its reader some idea on how oppressed slaves were so that they wouldn’t disobey. Citation New york burning by Jill LeporeChapter 1 & 2 “american suffer under corrupt governor before” pg.

26pg. 43 firefighting in new yorkPg.189 “burn all the negroes in new york”


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