Air 2018.3 Nitrogen dioxide gets in air from

Air pollution is a significant sustainability issue as it has caused great harms to the environment. According to WHO (World Health Organisation) 80% of the air polluted areas are mostly from urban areas.1 One of the top few highly air polluted country will be Bei Jing, China. One of the major factors contributing to air pollution will be its rising number of vehicles, it has contributed 70% of the air pollution and as well as their manufacturing industries. The significant economic growth has surged the pollution index in China. 2In a recent article, it has said that Nasa Satellite has collated a data showing concentrations of nitrogen dioxide over in China from January 2005 to May 2018.

3 Nitrogen dioxide gets in air from burning of fuel such as cars, buses, power plants etc. Comparing the maps from the left to right, there is a new rising pollution forming on major areas that has been shown. Countries like India, Bangladesh are severely affected. Pollution affects manufacturing in China as they implement fines to the factories so that the government will have a better control of the factories and also the power to give more fines if they pollute heavily. This has affected the importer if the factories do not take actions to decrease pollution. They will have to increase product cost and lower their net margin which decrease their progress in a long run. Importer will have to take their time to find a cheaper factory or deal with the increase of product cost as whether the factory make changes to the pollution or not there will be an increase in the cost of manufacturing.4 Another impact will be on population’s health, physical or psychological well-being will affect many organs and bodily functions such as respiratory diseases, nervous system damage, anxiety etc.

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5 People like the elderly and children are particularly vulnerable which leads to high death rates. Shutting down of coal fired power stations and banned people in the surrounding from burning coal has make significant improvement in Bei Jing. Other solutions like using of renewable energy sources like solar power for water heaters and hydropower for electricity 6 and implementation of green building can help efficiently in using energy which will improve air pollution and people’s health. Word count: 378 words Top 17 Environmental Problems. (2016, December 09). Retrieved from, K.

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