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CHAPTER IINTRODUCTIONA.        Background of the StudyPeople around the world use English to communicative with foreigners. “English, as an international language, plays important role in communication among many countries around the world in globalization era” (Seargean and Erling, 2011: 4).

It is the most widely used language in politics, business, trade, education and the diplomatic circles. So using English for international trade communication will be an advantage..There are some approaches in analyzing the process of communication. Laswell as cited Dunn (1969:59) state:”one approach is the 5-W approach, who says what to whom through which channel with effect”. Another approach according to Dunn (1969:60) is ”to examine the communication in the framework of the word, pictures, sounds, and the like that are communicated”. The meanings are of two kinds: denotative, which is the common dictionary meaning. Meanwhile, Effendy (2001:9): ”the communicative if the communicator and the communicant have the same perception toward the message’.

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It means they use the same language and at least they have the same understanding.Language can also be used to persuade others. Here, it can use advertisement as a kind of persuasion media. Advertisement itself is one of the real form of communication activities, which cannot be separated from language use. It is useful for trading business. According to Bovee and Arens (1989:5): ”Advertising is the non personal communication of the information, usually paid for persuasive in nature, about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through various media”, a company usually be sponsors in order to convince people that its product will benefit them. Most advertising is intended to be persuasive-to win converts to a product, service, or idea.

Some advertisements, such as legal announcement, are intended merely to inform.Advertising through all medium influence audiences. Craven (1987: 36) stated: “Advertising comes to people mind through various media such as radio, television, newspaper, magazines, billboards, direct mail, shopping charts, blimps and video cassettes”.

With increasing communication in the world and acceleration of economic globalization, advertising has found its way into people’s life. Everyday, people are exposed to a large number of advertisements no matter whether they like them or not.Nowadays, an advertisement has important role in informing and influencing customers. According to Latif and Abideen (in Abideen and Saleem, 2011: 55),As promotional strategy, advertising serve as a major tool in creating product awareness in the mind of a potential consumer to take eventual purchase decision. It can influence not only the individual’s attitude, behavior, life style, exposure and in the long run, even the culture of the country.

Moreover, in this study the researcher try to find out how good the adverts if it is used as a media to teach writing comprehension to second grade students of senior high school than to teach writing comprehension by using conventional method which is used teacher before.Furthermore, teaching and learning English is not the same as learning any other subject. It should cover four language skills; those are listening, speaking, reading and writing. According to communicative approach, those skills should not be ignored since they are essential to support the achievement of learning English. Naturally, besides those language skills, there are thinking skills which include understanding skill. Nunan (1983:80:81) claims that “Understanding a text involves understanding different kinds of meaning at the same time.

This skill is special, because it is always on all of the skill of language.” It is difficult to getting the information from the text in the reading skill without understanding; speaking skill without understanding, it will not be able to deliver the messages well to other people; listening skill without understanding, it cannot catch the content of the communication, and writing skill without understanding it cannot make a writing which is correct in form or structure. Because of the reason above, it is important for the teacher to use the right technique and media in teaching.This study aims to investigate how the English teacher used the adverts as media or teaching aids in English teaching. In fact, what has happened to English teachers is they lack of creating the interesting techniques for teaching English to the students.

Most of them still focus only on the text books which seem to be not interesting for students. Sometimes the teachers give instruction to the children to translate the sentences into Indonesian. This kind of teaching would not increase desirable effects on the student’s English skill. In teaching-learning process there is an instructional material which is used for teaching and learning language, those materials divided into two major parts..

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