Agriculture the food demand. Even though the

Agriculture has an important role in Malaysia economy. Agriculture contribute more than 23% to the Malaysia’s economy. Agriculture is the pillar of Malaysia economy where it produced agriculture products for internal consumption. Trade also has increased the total number of employees in agriculture sector since this sector is more demand for the import and export. Besides that, trade have improved the agriculture production. The production of many agro-food merchandises has increased extremely and as a result Malaysia reduced its importation of several agriculture product since it begins to export its product to the other countries through international trade.

The production of agro-food products will definitely improve the balance of trade. Malaysia introduce assortment of food such as Japanese sushi, Korea cuisine and Chinese dumplings through import. Importing food from other countries have increase the food production in Malaysia. Malaysia usually rely on importation of food in terms of spices, sauce and so on through international trade. International trade has changed the style of cuisine in Malaysia which have increases the food demand. Even though the ingredients are imported from other countries, but the food is cooked by Malaysian itself to be served in local restaurants, hotel and cafe. Foreigners who come to Malaysia has no worries for the food since Malaysia is serving a variety of cuisines.

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Nevertheless, import have helps Malaysia to expand their variety of food.


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