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Ag 1 speech: rooftop gardeningYou want start a rooftop garden but don’t know how let me walk you through it. I will be talking about what you’ll need and how to do it.

First off what you will need you’ll need. The main thing you’ll need is a roof. You’ll need sunlight. You’ll also need running water to water your plants. You’ll need containers, soil, fertilizer, plants, and gardening tools. Containers are the most expensive piece to the garden.

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You’ll need containers large enough for the roots for the plants you choose. The weight of the container can be a big factor because you need to know how much your roof can support. Key tip remember that the containers gain weight when you at water to them. A tall or top heavy plang like a tree or a tomato plants will fall over in small pots. When the pots heats up the soil and roots heat up so you would have to water more often.

Also a little shade won’t hurt. Soil is the most important thing to a rooftop garden. Good soil means healthy plants and less work because you won’t have to maintain them as much because the nutrient and fertilizer will already be in it. The soil should be changed often usually every spring.

Container plants will need fertilizer. A water soluble fertilizer is the fastest way to get the fertilizer to the plants because the plants will be searching for water. Tools you’ll need you’ll need a far fewer tools for a rooftop container garden than you would for a regular garden. I small shovel and a little rake will come in handy. Also a little tarp will come in handy for emptying out pots. If you want to garden all year around build a greenhouse because you can use the sun to your advantage all year around.

Growing space where the winter season would keep open air garden under the snow. Rooftop gardens. Naturally occurring soils are heavier than most rooftops can bear.

Instead rooftop gardens use a variety of soil such as a green roof blend or potting soils. Look for a lightweight soil that drains well. Also avoid soil that has sand in it it adds weight. Get to know you climate which describes your region.

Take a walk around your rooftop know where projection, hotspots, damp zones, and wind zones are. Each of these will contribute to what plants will grow best in that space on your roof. Plus of a rooftop garden is your using wasted space. What are you gonna use a roof for be honest. So why not make a garden.

There are no animals besides birds that can eat your plants in gardens that are on the ground you have deer that will eat you plants and also rabbits, squirrels, and other animals that can destroy your garden. Picking the right plants you want to pick the right plants for your growing seasons. So you want to pick plants that fit in your growing season.  If your plants are really struggling pick plants out that can handle difficult growing conditions well. If you have a really hot rooftop pick drought tolerant plants.

Some good plants choices for rooftops would be plants with limited root systems that don’t need a lot of soil like herbs vegetables. Trees and shrubs would not be a good rooftop plants because they have big root systems. The main thing is gets plants that can handle heat.


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