After 1860s to 1960s. White individuals saw the

After the Civil War, slavery became illegal; however, the racist ideologies preserved with the white individuals and so did the laws to cater the whites and hinder the Blacks. Racial Profiling in the United States became prevalent for white individuals because they lynched and beat up African Americans (Head 1). The Jim Crows laws intended to humiliate African Americans by white individuals in the position of power. The laws came to an agreement with white individuals without the consent of any African American (Packard 3). The Jim Crow law enacted between the 1860s to 1960s. White individuals saw the law to be innocuous, but this caused harm to black individuals because they were restricted on what they can do while whites were in command.

Jim Crow laws segregated African Americans and Whites, which showed how superior white individuals were killing and torturing black individuals. The Jim Crow Laws segregated restrooms, libraries, public transportation, and drinking fountains between blacks and whites (Urofsky 2). Analyzing the treatments prior to Jim Crow Laws, it is vital in explaining that whites mistreated blacks. During this period, African Americans faced beatings and often times murdered. The treatments towards African Americans during this time differed, but not as much.

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White individuals saw the Jim Crow Laws to be “separate but equal”, which was not the case in this situation (Klaman 18). African Americans endured virulent racism from whites acknowledging the fact that whites were indulging their power to obliterate them.White individuals had wealth, power, and privileges, while African Americans faced terror, humiliation, and no justice(Tischauser 2). The Jim Crow Laws was a way for white individuals to be in position of power against blacks. Nonetheless, the relationship between the African Americans and whites demonstrated a level of hatred in the form of oppression, which states that whites took control of blacks under the Jim Crow Law. Stress arose for women because they encountered pain by getting raped during The Jim Crow Law Era. Black Women were being mistreated anywhere they would go. Throughout the majority of their lives, black women were sexually abused by their slave master and couldn’t do anything about it.

As Zinn mentions, ” beautiful light skin black women became perceived as inferiors” (Zinn 94). Slave owners took advantage of sexually abusing black women. Black women couldn’t say anything that happened to them because based on their skin color, they weren’t seen as human beings (McGuire 1).

They couldn’t contact the police or else they would become delineated as “dirty” and became known as whores. Many women committed suicide because white men treated women as an object to have sex. A man named Hugh Davis took advantage of having sex with an unidentified black woman. He faced punishment not for fornication but for beastiality. (Myers 5). Black women became depicted as “animals”as opposed of human beings.

However, the whites continued to live a more prosperous life under their position of power. African American women feared for their lives as rape continued all throughout the south living under oppression through the denial of basic rights. As sad as that sounds, blacks were still seen as animals.(Saletan 4). Many blacks did not have any rights to travel because they weren’t viewed as human, but more like property.

Blacks weren’t able to travel, nor own any weapons. African Americans weren’t taken seriously and became viewed as three-fifths of a person meaning they weren’t seen as humans but rather viewed as animals(Tischauser 5). The color of your skin determined if you were going to become treated with respect or if you were going to become treated like a dog. By the color of your skin, you categorized in a specific group. If you were black, you got discern as a slave, but if you were white, you became viewed as a free white person that has the right to whip a black slave and possibly beat them up and become considered as a hero.(Mills 17).

Many whites did not think that blacks should have freedom and work as slaves. The Civil War ended, and slavery was officially over, and slaves were finally free. According to the thirteenth amendment, slavery was finally abolished (Levin 1).

However, that didn’t become true acknowledging the fact that this made whites ponder an easy way to disdain blacks. African Americans couldn’t move on by themselves and couldn’t live freely without discipline (Howard 2). Jim Crow Laws created a legal way to disrespect African Americans without any chains and whips. Instead, the law provided jails, weakness, and constant fear of life for blacks (Lawrence Alexander 5). The law separated blacks from whites, having a constant fear of harsh beatings, or endure severe punishments, which kept blacks from obtaining freedom. African Americans became caged up as animals, while whites were in position of power.The Jim Crow law had an agreement to separate blacks from whites to keep them as inferior and segregated as much as possible.

With the launch of the Jim Crow Laws, the views towards the African Americans changed, creating several tragedies throughout the south. Slavery was finally over, and it became illegal. Whites couldn’t own them, so instead, they obliterated them (Semuels 3). The fundamental rights of African Americans were receiving were inequitable because they wanted to control blacks not to surpass them. On May 1866 in Memphis, Tennessee whites were brutally murdering forty- six African Americans; Five Black Women were intensely raped. Homes, Schools, and Churches burned down. In New Orleans, another riot arose against blacks killing thirty-five blacks and three whites (Zinn 198). White individuals formed a group named Ku Klux Klan and went around hunting African Americans, lynching and murdering them.

The violence began right after the end of the war. As white disorder arose in the 1870s, President Grant did not want to help African Americans nor assist them to obtain weapons (Waugh 3). Nonetheless, the relations between blacks and whites took a drastic turn from hostile to a more passive-aggressive tone, while whites attacked blacks not to become liberated. The racial conflicts between blacks and whites increased drastically during the 1950’s. A fourteen-year-old boy named Emmett Till was flirting with a white cashier at a grocery store (Callard 1). Four days later, two white men kidnapped Till and shot him in the head. He received various of bruises for whistling at a white woman.

He had to pay his actions by getting beaten up by two white men and getting his body thrown away in the Tallahatchie River (Spielvogel 3). Till’s face got beaten up badly that he looked unrecognizable. The inequitable act was later held at an all-white jury and turned out that Emmett Till murder proved to be ” Not Guilty”(Pena 3). Emmett Till’s case was unfair knowing he had a crucial death with no justice. Racial Segregation also occurred in Watts, which led to the Watts riots.

An African American named Marquette Frye was suspected of drinking under the influence, and police officer Lee Minikus beat him up for it (Queally 1 ). The community responded with outrage and started plundering for six days. Police Officers needed assistance from the California Army National Guard to cease the riots, which resulted in 34 crucial deaths (Eddy1). Residents of Watts went on a war battle against the law enforcement. Rioters tore up sidewalks and got their face smashed on vehicles(Hinton 69). As a result, this created a society where blacks lived in a state of violence and of suppression of their liberties. The Jim Crow Laws depicted white individuals to be in position of power to become superior against blacks.

The law was made to hurt black people and torture them as much as possible. The fight came to an end, but the struggle lasted for more than eight decades, which filled with various of murders, discriminations, inequitable treatments, and much more. Jim Crow created a racist society in the United States. African Americans that lived in the United States suffered stress and misery throughout these years. Racism still hurts us today because ignorant individuals are still on a rampage of murdering African Americans. For instance, the murder of Trayvon Martin was inequitable because he was shot to death, and the shooter was not guilty because he thought Trayvon was carrying a weapon. However, this made matters worse because George Zimmerman killed an innocent man.

In addition, Racial Discrimination is spread throughout neighborhoods and continues to spread on social media, which leads to cyberbullying. Furthermore, this leads people to fight against each other, and before you know it, this becomes hard to conciliate. Jails and Prisons are constructed for African Americans that commit any minor crime and are marginalized as criminals depicting them as felons. Many ignorant Americans see African Americans as inferior and still manage to think that they are a danger to our society.


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