After The Civil War Final Paper essay

This essay paper will, therefore, look at industrialization in relation to the end of the civil war. It will also look at the impact and influence it had on the economy, society and politics of America.

Major aspects of industrialization The development of urban life is one of the major aspects that came with industrialization. The creation of numerous story buildings that were meant to accommodate the large migrant workers marked the development of urban life. Transport and communication lines were improved, and electrification was done around the urban areas (Brayer, 2006).Cleanliness ND environment awareness also picked up within the urban areas with green spaces becoming more common. Political activism also picked up in the industrialization awakening (Merits & Helping 2006). The support for the Populist Party and the policies that were created from that point forward allowed for increased inflation. It also created the capability of payment of debts. The merge between the Democratic Party and the populists made it possible for the creation of a platform that protected tariffs aimed at supporting businesses.

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Machine politics is also another major aspect of the industrialization era in the united States.The development Of political power from individuals to parties is what defined machine politics (Loveland, 2001 ). The machines were synonymous with local officials in charge of the delegation of offices, contracts, and political powers. In turn, the leaders of parties took charge of the machines; as a result government was dominated by professional politicians. Specific groups that were affected by industrialization The wave of industrialization has numerous effects in its wake, a number of societies and groups were affected. For instance, most of the African Americans back then were living in the rural areas.However, as the number of factories began to increase, urban centers begun to increase and grow (Borer, 2006).

The African American population slowly began to move to these urban centers. Better housing improved living conditions and access to electricity were some of the benefits they got to enjoy as they shifted to urban areas. The Hispanic Society was also positively influenced by the industrialization. For long, it had suffered discrimination from the white population. Support for the government and employment opportunities had always been tall orders for the Hispanics.He industrialization age brought with it an end to their discrimination.

They began to enjoy the privileges that had been previously restricted. The farmers in the United States during the industrialization era got develop and realize new heights in their growth. An example would be the onset of Farmers’ unions began in this era, allowing farmers to pay collectively off debts and receive state help. The unions also made it easy for the farmers to negotiate with machinery factories used in farming.

The huge numbers made development of corporative stores, so mall a task for the farmers.How industrialization affected the life of the average American The average American worker was not left out in the industrialization era after the civil war. The American society realized a myriad of opportunities and life improvement aspects in entirety. As the factories increased in number more American citizens got more job opportunities. Employment opportunities meant that they had stable incomes that allowed them to improve their living standards (Borer, 2006). The quality of life and comfort was greatly increased during this period.Basic amenities such as improved electricity and enhanced lighting systems meant that the average American would experience better living conditions. The movement of people and goods and services was improved.

Of greater concern was the ease of transportation of labor across the nations. The transport sector was among the ones that were greatly improved (Borer, 2006). Road networks and commuter trains were developed greatly revolutionized the movement of goods, people, and services..

The development of infrastructure resulted in the improvement of the service industry.

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