After county attorney and the sheriff wanted to

After reading five different stories and analyzing them, now I’m going to focus on only one story which is the story “Trifles”  and the literary theories that fit the story was the feminist theory.

The main characters in they story are County Attorney, The Sheriff ,and Hale.  They story “Trifles” was about how they county attorney and the sheriff wanted to know what happened, so they end up interviewing Hale. They made him speak up in front of everybody and confess to who was there with him when the situation happened. In “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell, the Feminist Theory helps the reader come to the conclusion that it helps the story. This conclusion is significant because it helps us readers get to know them more, it helps us identify them, and it lets us know where the ended up in they story.

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Those are my three claims that I’m going to be arguing over and I’m also going to explain why I choose them and why I’m arguing over that. It’s going to be explained in detail and described they quotes as well/First,The feminist theory helps they story because it helps to get to know the characters more and also know what there like throughout the story and they way it’s described. County Attorney is asking they Sheriff if everything has been the same. The County Attorney says,”By the way, has anything been moved? Are things just as you left them yesterday?” (Glaspell 72) What he quote is trying to say is that the County Attorney knows or wants to know things that happen. Alos they want Hale to as honest as he could so that way he could help Hale out a lot.

So it’s showing what kind of person he is with other people. It is also showing they person that he wants to be remembered as with other people that are there watching him.The Sheriff wants for Mr.Hale to speak up to what happened. So the Sheriff says,”Now, Mr.Hale , before we move things about, you explain, you explain to Mr.Henderson, just what you saw when you came here yesterday morning”.(Glaspell 72) By using these quotes it could till the kind of person the are and what they are like throughout the story.

It helps the audience know who they actually are.Next, The feminist theory helps the story “Trifles” because it helps identify which character is which and who they are and it gives they audience some examples of how they are or what they characters are trying to be. The County Attorney is explaining the kind of person he is. The quote by the county Attorney is,”Somebody should have been left here yesterday”.

(Glaspell 73) What the quote is saying and how it’s identify the character is by it showing how demanding and stricted of a person he is to other people that work with him. Hale starts to judge women of what they are over with. Hale says, “Well, women are used to worrying over Trifles”.

(Glaspell 76) I would identify this character because he is they kind of person that would judge women by telling they women things of what they are over with or what they are wearing. In my opinion this is how I would be able to use they feminist theory to identify the characters and what they are like throughout the story. Also it describes examples of how or what they characters are and what they do throughout the story. Alos it describes them a lot.Last, They feminist Theory helps they story because it gives us like an idea where the characters of the story end. Like where Hale starts to judge they women that he sees. Hale says, “Well, she looked queer”.

(Barlow 18) Hale started to judge women by what they looked like and he even was told many things about judging women but, no matter what he was told or what they consequences where he never stopped judging women that he saw. Sheriff is they kind of person that is lazy. He says,” Oh. Yesterday when I had to send Franc to morris center for that man who went crazy I want you to know I had my hands full yesterday I knew you could get back from omha by today and as lots as I went over everything here myself.’ (Barlow 13) This character ened being they kind of person that likes for other people to do what he could but wont do it so he tells other people to do it. This is how I could tell where each character needs throughout the story because of how the act or things that the say. Also because the way the write they story and put the characters in it and describe them as well. These put more images into there mind as well.

And it helps for them to get a better understanding to they story “Trifles”.As you can see, after reading the five stories this is what I thought that they feminist theory could help they story in many ways. After reading the story “Trifles” this is why they feminist theory helps they story. The feminist theory could help they story :Trifles” in many ways but these are they three most important ways that they theory could help they story. Even Though there are many other ways to explain it this is the way that I understood. The text is important because it’s important to let they audience get an idea to what they are reading and it puts them to think what they story eans. They text is also important because that way they audience knows what’s going on and also knows what it could be compared to and how it could be compared to different things there are. After reading this hopefiully you can get an idea of why I chose the story and they theory that I chose for this story.

Also hopefully you understand this essay.


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