After of any difficulties the student is having.

After attending the workshop this week on PositiveTeacher Student Relationship (TSR) to foster Joy of Learning. I would like togive my take on how I envision positive TSR. My students spend 5-7 hours each day with teachersin school.

Interactions in class becomes extremely important for them to grow andbe stretch. I feel that having a close, but limited relationship between thestudent and I can definitely be helpful for their holistic development. I believe that a positive teacher studentrelationship (TSR) is crucial for meaningful learning to take place. To me, positiveTSR in a nutshell is to make a learning experience approachable and invitingfor the students to learn. I uses pedagogies like with-it-ness, improve communicationwith my students to promote better understanding, and giving timely feedback,to foster TSR in class. I will start with my definition of with-it-ness.That is to monitor and be aware of any difficulties the student is having. By understandingthe child’s problem, needs, or misconception, I will have better understandingof the child’s learning difficulties.

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This insight will allows me to be morepatience with the student, thus making the child feel safer in the classroom. I will also work on better communication with stakeholdersof education. It is impossible to understand every problem for every student,but I hope to acquire enough information to help the stragglers with specifictasks. By doing this, I hope to help students learn at a high level quickly.

 I will try to understand students who are from differentcultures and backgrounds than mine too. By demonstrating a better understandingof the student’s culture, I feel that it will promote a better understanding andrespect during class interactions. A positive TSR can be is time consuming toestablish. To be honest, positive TSR may not help to manage some disruptivestudents too. However, despite the challenges to establishpositive TSR and TSR limitations, the answer becomes clear when I interact withmy students daily, and learn more about them and their needs. The solution to promotea joyful of learning experience is to establish a positive TSR. Hopefully, byestablishing a positive TSR will encourage students to seek knowledge and be passionateand to be in school.


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