After I plan to take a further

After finishing my postgraduate, I plan to go back to my current company, DDMKI (Dire Dawa Management and Kaizen Institute), which one of the focus is giving short and medium term training, conducting research and consulting public organization on management related area. Working in DDMKI enables me to work closely on and learn directly from Dire Dawa and Haramaya University senior researcher and other consultants. This opportunity would enrich me more in applying theoretical knowledge I gained during my study to project management. In specific, I want to be involved in mega project and contribute for the improvements of project performance.

As a developing country, we have a lot of infrastructure development projects. These projects require a manager who has methodical and social abilities apart from functional abilities. These managers can thus provide the procedures and methods implemented for the realization of complex problem formulation, both technical and organizational related, as well as the integration of socio-communicative processes within project work. Therefore, upon my return from the UK, I I plan to strengthen my knowledge and skills in project management field, especially in soft projects.

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I know that I can take a big advantage by working in DDMKI, because in this organization I learn directly from the consultants who are exposed to manage various soft projects.In addition, after two years returning home, I have set my next target to take doctoral degree in University of Manchester or Oxford University. I plan to take a further study in project management. I want to learn how to manage mega projects. I aspire to be a consultant in this field that is really needed in Ethiopia. Together with studying project management, I also would enhance my capacity in researches, which is often exercised parallel in consultancy services.

Thereupon, in the long term I pursue to be a good Ethiopian’s consultant who specialize in project management field, and who also capable to analyze and manage mega projects to achieve their intended goals. Afterward, with the education background, experiences of project management, and the network that I gain during my study and work later I expect to become a senior consultant to projects, particularly for projects sponsored by UK, aimed to solve community problems and also someone who could share my knowledge as lecturer in university.


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