Africa’s Zimbabwe to effectively handle globalization. We can

Africa’s position within the international system has been substantially diminished due to the fact that it has lost the race for economic progression in general, and human advancement in particular, to other areas, these poor performances in Zimbabwe and other African countries alike is attributed in part to the political and social instability and rise of authoritarian regimes that have distinguished a large part of postcolonial Zimbabwe, furthermore reducing the capability of countries in Africa including Zimbabwe to effectively handle globalization.

We can agree that economies that are open to trade and capital flows on a free and equal basis and are more likely to attract international capital and will benefit the more from globalization. Openness and unified markets place an importance on good macroeconomic policies, and on the ability to respond swiftly and effectively to differences in the international environment. The issues that face the African countries specifically, is to make public policies that maximize the possible benefits from globalization, and of course to minimize the negative risks of destabilization and/or we know None of these policies are new, and the vast majority of countries in Africa have been enforcing them for quite a long period of time.

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Especially, sub-Saharan Africa which has actually made a considerable progression toward macroeconomic stability:


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