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African Americans that were born in the colonies were effected for being involved in the Revolution. Because of the conquest, their consequence was facing double oppression as blacks and women. “White women were seen either as fodder for the new industrial system- factory workers who could be put to work at an early age and literally worked to death – or as obedient helpers of their husbands, servants of a sort who bore children and then took care of them.” With Negroes, their skin color and facial appearance didn’t seem convenient. It was as if their physical appearance was more suitable for men, who could “use, exploit, and cherish someone who was at the same time servant, sex mate, companion, and bearer-teacher-warden of his children.

” Not all families that included women were oppressive though. For example, women the Zuni and Plains tribes had important roles within their clan. Women fought for equality.

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A religious woman by the name of Anne Hutchinson, believed that she, and other ordinary people, could interpret the Bible for themselves which led to her being interrogated and banished from the colony. During the 1840s, the women became active during campaigns, and formed groups to gain independence.


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