Aesthetics fine arts, and despite centuries of exploration,

Aesthetics vs.Function  Let’s begin with the explanation ofthe two words, aesthetics and function.  First is aesthetics. Aesthetics isa concept traditionally explored within philosophy and the fine arts, anddespite centuries of exploration, remains difficult to define.

Artworksoriginally receive aesthetic attention, but also natural objects such asscenery or the human body. Beauty and art are notions relevant to the study ofaesthetics, but shall not be seen as a synonymous. Now let’s explain functionality.The functional part of the design is the process of consideration of the desiresor needs of the people that are using the item in a way that will allow theperson’s wants or needs. Functional designs are both an outcome and a process.

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As an outcome, the function describes each product that works well to performthe tasks; as a process, the functional plans are a set of small practicesguided by some basic principles that help produce unique outcomes.  At the heart of every piece of anypractical design, there is functionality and aesthetics; a task the item isexpected to perform. There are still some essential elements a designer needsto take into consideration to create a product that best fulfills its intendedfunction and aesthetic. The argument between the two,aesthetics and functionality is not necessary.

I say that because any side youdecide to go for is not wrong. In one design, you may need the aesthetic towork for you if you want an attractive piece, but it also depends on what youare aiming for and whom eyes you want to catch. Many people do not look formuch in a poster. Some may see an advertisement and be attracted to it becauseit seems right or pleasing to look at. It is not what you say, but how you sayit. However, you may need functionalityto work for your design purpose.

You may only want your design to accomplishthe task of getting the viewer to acknowledge the piece you decided to put up.Using function also allows you to communicate the information well enough tothe viewer. It all depends on what you choose that shall work more for yourdesign. The side I’ve decided to choose isneither.

Both of the topics work together in my opinion. If the designattracts, it is accomplishing the task of being attractive. If it is engaging,it is pleasing to look at, and it communicates the information with its beauty. That is my opinion.


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