Aelita side by side with paintings of

Aelita Andre’s name is familiar in abstract painting world. Starting from the interest of a photographer to his abstract works, Aelita’s talent began to be discovered. The photographer then showed the photo of Aelita’s painting to Mark Jameison, Director of Brunswick Street Gallery without telling who Aelita was and how old he was. When looking at pictures of Aelita’s paintings, Jameison was immediately attracted and wanted to include Aelita in an exhibition at the Melbourne Fitzroy art hall. Jameison promotes the exhibition event through famous art magazines, Art Almanac and Art Collector. After Jameison knew of Aelita’s age, she was very surprised and almost canceled Aelita’s participation in the art exhibition. But eventually he decided to include Aelita because of his brilliant works, not because of the age factor.

gambarImage : Aelita AndreJameison’s decision became a hot topic among Australian and world artists. But he considers that the decision is the right decision. Because Brunswick Street Gallery also has a policy to help promote the work of novice artists, although no Aelita artists have ever been promoted. When the day of the exhibition in Melbourne Fitzroy arrived, the furor had occurred when the painting abstract brightly colored work of 2-year-old baby was placed side by side with paintings of world-renowned artists. Shortly after being displayed, Aelita’s painting was immediately sold out by visitors of the exhibition. Even Aelita Andre also had the opportunity to hold a solo exhibition to fulfill the wishes of her painting fans. People were in queue to buy Aelita’s works for thousands of Australian dollars.

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Aelita’s gold talent is none other than her parents, Michael and Nikka who are also artists. Aelita is very fond of painting when learning in play group (play group). Michael also teaches and facilitates Aelita with a sheet of canvas and some paint. Aelita began to be taught to paint with paint. The father also let his daughter be creative at will and will help replace the canvas that is full of new canvas.             Until early 2014 it was noted that Aelita had made 20 paintings. His name is also listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest painter in the world. This is one of the learning materials for parents to help find the interests and talents of the child from an early age.

Who knows your child also has interests and talent of painting like Aelita.


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