Advertisement loves her but she does not think

     Advertisement plays a crucial role to define and popularize a product, especially for food. Depending on market insight and product positioning, food advertisers have to consider and represent food culture and value in their commercials. There is no doubt that M&M’s, Ferrero Rocher, and Godiva are major chocolate’s brands you can think of in your mind. M&M’s chocolate candy has created a wide range of leading and notable campaigns in the United States, whereas the commercials of Ferrero Rocher and Godiva are few but are famous for its exquisite and luxurious design.

In this essay, I will analyze how M;M’s, Ferrero Rocher, and Godiva use unique and comprehensive rhetoric in their commercials towards to specific audiences. The styles they define and popularize themselves have helped them win the great accomplishments among consumers.The first advertising I would like to analyze is M&M’s “Love Ballad” TV commercial on 2013 Super Bowl. M;M’s chocolate candy has won the favorite by youth people based on its fun, colorful, and unique brand image. Interesting and appealing advertisings are M&M’s common methods in order to get closer to their consumers. In the commercial “Love Ballad,” it is a show time of the Red chocolate candy again. This time, “he” is frustrated to play the piano and tell stories about his unrequited love. “He” loves her but she does not think of “him” as lover.

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Whenever they get along with each other, it is a torment to “his” mind. “He” hopes to play a beautiful song for her; “he” wishes to help her with nail polish; “he” eagers to dance with her in the sea; “he” likes all her dressed up for him. However, “he” could not accept that she only sees him as a chocolate candy.M;M’s try to spread a sense of joy and companionship to their consumers.

  The commercial uses pathos by impersonating the Red chocolate candy. The design has created a vivid cartoon image in audience’s mind. The final tagline, “chocolate’s better with M,” shows the joy when you taste a chocolate. In addition, the using of color and melody are obvious symbols of M;M’s advertisement, which can differentiate with other chocolate’s brands. The ethos of the advertisement can be analyzed from the appropriate tone of the dub. The words are funny but serious, close to life experience but not arrogant.

M;M’s aims to attract 16 to 25’s young crowd, no matter social class and economic status, M;M’s can become your best playmate. The anthropomorphic art form as well as the avant-garde colors of chocolate beans has meet consumer’s demands. Therefore, the speed of the Red chocolate bean has occupied in people’s mind is much faster than the occupation of people’s stomach. Chocolate has been given an independent personality, such as angry, sad, and happy. Thus, M;M’s is not only your snack, but also your playmate.In contrast to the food culture and values that close to consumer’s emotional needs of M;M’s, Ferrero Rocher hopes to share the high-end chocolate consumption market.

It is committed to attracting middle-class consumers by introducing their professional making process and their lavish production plant. Whether consumers buy for Ferrero Rocher for themselves or give others as a gift, it will become a status symbol of a people or a location, rather than a simple chocolate.The commercial, “The History of Gold,” uses logos through telling the making process of Ferrero Rocher. For instance, “the story of great passion for quality yet experience and certificate for creations,” “Rocher was born in here from premium hazelnuts and chocolate,” are examples to show Ferrero Rocher defines its chocolate with a luxurious and high-end concept. Moreover, “celebrate golden moment” shows the use of pathos, which appealing to audience’s emotion. “Golden” is a powerful words to spread a sense of special and importance. It describes a great esteem for its consumers.

Furthermore, the Italian opera background music and the professional voiceover increase the acceptance among consumers about their professional chocolate making process.     If you buy M;M’s for yourself at home as a playmate and buy Ferrero Rocher for friends at party as a status symbol, you must buy Godiva for the person you love the most in the any situations and locations to show your appreciation. As a representative of luxury chocolates, Godiva does not represent its making process. In the advertising, “Godiva Chocolatier One Minute Commercial,” showed in 2010 New York Film Academy, Godiva targets directly to high consumption population.

It has an excellent sagacity that women’s love for chocolate is much larger than men’s love. Thus, Godiva tells men that no matter in a palace or in a village, a fine box of Godiva chocolate is the best surprise and allure for her. In the last seconds, “simply irresistible” is a powerful example of pathos, appealing to audience’s heart to give Godiva for their love.

            Various kinds of chocolates brands tell about different food cultures and values. Through my eyes, an effective food advertising will not only attracts its target consumers to buy the product, but also increases the goodwill on its non-target consumers. Based on these three advertisements, we can see food play an important role in interpersonal culture. Food may become your playmate or a symbol of status and esteem. More importantly, we cannot ignore that food can become a wonderful love-letter.


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