Adverse become a blessing to humanity. However, it

Adverse impact of social media on student’s performanceSocial media, the computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks, have gained immense popularity within a very short span of time.

Unlike the past, it has made human interaction much more convenient and much faster than real life human interaction. It has now made communication a lot easier than before that people can stay connected to their families and loved ones. Social media has made globalization a reality, gave chances for introverted people to express themselves and people to develop relationship amongst themselves. Also it has illuminated the lives of thousands by spreading knowledge internationally. Hence, social media has become a blessing to humanity. However, it has been seen and reported that the number of student users on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are increasing every year. So, social media has become a concern in the educational institutions. Today, the students are found neglecting their studies and spending time on social networking websites rather than studying which is the most important thing in their life.

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The social media is a threat to students because it leads them to addiction, reduction of students’ concentration, lack of effective writing skills, deteriorate the health of a student, and leads to plagiarism.Extensive use of social media can lead to an addiction and will inculcate bad habits in students. The most important things in a student’s life are studying, learning good habits and gaining knowledge to become a person with moral characters, but students will prefer to chat with friends for hours leading to the wastage of academic time. According to a survey carried out in the University of Maryland, researchers came to a conclusion that students are not just unwilling but functionally unable to be without their media links to the world, (Nauret, 2010). So, it will definitely effect their grade and hamper their journey to their future career. Thus, the optical learning process of students are seriously jeopardized by them becoming entrapped by the ploys of social networking.

Social media plays a negative role in terms of reducing the ability of the students to concentrate on their task. Wiewiura (2016) shared that while studying online the students tend to engage in private conversation thus disrupting the concentration of the students at work. Students today have begun to rely on the accessibility of information that is available on the social media platforms specifically as well as the web in general in order to get answers. This means that there is a reduced focus on learning as well as on retaining information. In addition, students are attempting to multi-task. They are trying to check various social media sites while they study. This leads to reduced academic performance. Besides, their ability to concentrate on their task at hand gets significantly reduced due to the distraction that is brought by all social media sites.

The negative impact of using social media is linked with declining of effective writing skills of the students. Beasley (2013) stated that while communicating through social networking sites misspellings, grammatical error, abbreviation, and use of acronyms are acceptable in online tools which is also considered as negative impact of social media. These social media sites have become so popular within a short period of time and the information gets published rapidly. This has actually created a lax attitude for using proper spelling as well as grammar. In fact, the students are unable to write effectively without the aid of the spell check feature of a computer.

Therefore the effective writing of the students are deteriorate because of the use of social networking sites and leads to a poor academic writing.The excessive use of social media affect the physical and mental health of the students. Students who are using technology including the social networking sites on a regular basis tend to have more stomach aches, besides sleeping problems, as well as anxiety and depression. Such students also display more of narcissistic tendencies besides many other psychological disorders, including various antisocial behaviours as well as aggressive tendencies. Dr. Bono explained that working on social media with anxiety and envy keeps the brain alert preventing the students from falling asleep which result to the eye strain and insomnia (as cited in Barr, 2018).

Daily overuse of these social networking sites tends to have a negative effect on the health of all students as it makes them more susceptible to various health problems in the future. This is where peers, teachers and parents need to play a major role by making the students aware of what they are missing out while spending too much time on these sites.Plagiarism has also become one of the serious problem and pertinent issue in the educational institution. Most of the student are just duplicating the works of others which is uploaded to their websites through the social media. Due to the free access to the social media, insufficient books in the library, student’s laziness and poor academic writing skill or poor language leads the students to plagiarize the works of other person without acknowledging the author. When the student got no time left to submit their assignment and project work then they tend to duplicate other’s work. “The problem of plagiarism in developing countries is huge in such that most assignment in particular, take- home assignments, and thesis/ dissertation contain the elements of plagiarism” (Anney ; Mosha, 2015.

as cited in Dickison, Livengood ; Tasker, 2017). Moreover most of the student borrow the works of their friends of other institution to submit to the tutor claiming to be their own works. Therefore the use of social media allows the students to plagiarize which is considered as academic crime in any institutions.However social media is one of the best inventions which plays an important role in the academic life of the students. In order to grab more advantages from the usage of social networking tools efficient ways should be adopted to ensure good learning environment. One of the efficient ways to use social media is by creating a class group page in online tools such as facebook, and wechat. By connecting students and teachers, facebook can create strong communities of practice, essential aids to good teaching and learning which also has the potential to extend student into an additional space for communication and calibration (Qiyun, 2010).

It allows the students to come together to interact and share various lesson discussed in the previous class. In addition enrolling in the online courses can make the use of social media effectively so as to score good grades in any academic performance. It allows the students and professors to interact during learning new courses. So in this way the use of social media becomes more effective in academic life of students in higher institutions. Therefore, since the social media is hampering the scholar in the educational institutions in many ways such as lead to addiction, reduction of student concentration, lack of effective writing skill, cheating and distraction to the student one can have ways to eradicate those problem in the institutions.

In the realm of education if one used social media in a good manner, one can enhance oneself academic performance and can progress higher to acquire better cognitive power. One can easily get the information they want and can get free tutorial videos from the social media. If the internet is restricted to some of the websites, then one may have proper time management and there can be efficient and effective surfing of social media. Moreover if the student are made awareness and attend some training workshop on effective use of social media in the institution then it may be helpful for the students learning.


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