Advanced the point where genetically modified individuals could

Advanced tech-genetic modification-valids and invalids. The futuristic world of Gattaca illustrated a time where technology flourished and was so advanced to the point where genetically modified individuals could be produced. This made sure that they were almost perfect, at the same time creating a division, two classes- valids and invalids where valids where the genetically perfect and invalids were the naturally conceived. Technology brought about a sort of discrimination against the invalids who were assigned menial jobs and could go no further than that.

They did not fit into the society’s ideal race. 1984- Technology is used in a bad way to torture anyone that goes against the patriarchy. Technology, telescreens, invade their privacy, prying into their every moment alive.

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They have no control over this. Technology, however works in favour of the party here, as party members, the inner circle have control over telescreens and can turn it off when they please.


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