Adolescent Egocentrism Case Studies essay

Teenagers have the ability to make things clearly apparent and obvious in egocentrics through an imaginary audience that is watching every move that the teenagers are making. For example when a mother is with her teenage son, and they are exposed to the public and the mother tries to show her feelings and emotions to her son when he is surrounded by his friends. A teenage boy will think that this is not a cool thing for his mother to do. Now lets take a look at the imaginary audience and what the audience would hind?When I reflect back and think about it I can remember when my mother would try to embarrass me by trying to clean my face in public and or she would my the statement to me, “k baby will see you later, and she would even ask me for a hug. It came to the point that had to tell my mother that as a teenage boy I didn’t feel that it was cool for my mother to be hugging and kissing me in a public place. In my mind I felt that the imaginary audience was around and that everybody was watching us and if they were to see us that I wouldn’t have their approval.

Case study 2 deals with the personal fable.A personal fable is what makes a person feel like they are the center of all the attention. Can relate this to back when was in high school, me as well as a few of my friends would sit in class and be the class clowns because we were always there cracking jokes and just laughing and making our classmates laugh as well.

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We thought it was all eyes on us and all of our classmates eyes were on us as well as our teachers eyes because she got tired of hearing what we were saying and listening to what we were doing that she decided it was time for us to receive a referral to the principals office.

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