Addiction to Drugs: The Dark Side of Life essay

There is a moment in time when your hole life changes direction, sometimes for good sometimes for bad. I believe at that moment my life changed its course. It was beautiful outside. I’m not sure of the exact date.

There is a lot of things in regards to that time period of my life that do not remember. What I do know is it was not to hot nor was it too cold. So, it had to be sometime in the fall of 2008. There were beautiful colors on the trees that were now overpowering the once green foliage.Michael, my husband and I were full force on our self-destructive quest to addiction. I don’t even know how it all to out of hand. A friend of mine gave me a couple of lowercase because had fallen down a flight of stairs at work and my back was hurting.

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Growing up in a nurturing, stable home I never had any encounters with the law, and had no intentions to. The way I seen it jail was for low life people with drug problems. When children are asked what they want to be when they grow-up, “convict” almost never is the answer.The point I’m trying to make is; did not grow up in an environment watching my family go in and out of jail.

My grandmother and grandfather are respectable role models. Michael was working for Cooper Cameron making a very comfortable living for the three of us. I was a stay at home wife and a decent mother. Taylor, my daughter and would occasional go with Michael on out of town dry land jobs. We were not your typical average American family with 2. 1 kids, but we were upstanding citizens of our College Station community.

When we married on July of 2005, things were good and if I had been told that in a couple of years not only would be in jail but also have an out of control pill addiction, would have laughed in your face. The introduction of pills in our lives was devastating and the ultimate cause of my husband Michaels death. Our lives had become discombobulated and neither one of us should have been allowed to make decisions. During one of my trips to the doctor while I was waiting on the nurse to bring back my prescription, I noticed that the doctor had left something on the counter.What he left on that counter changed my life. Michael asked me, “well what did they give you” and I replied “heaven” he had left my one way ticket to jail, or also known as a prescription pad. I’m sure t the rate we were going I would have eventually ended up in jail or possibly dead, that pad just got the ball rolling.

We discovered that it is much easier and defiantly less expensive to skip the whole actual going to the doctor to get our scripts. We hit every small “mom & pop” pharmacy in Houston and the surrounding areas.I had become that low life person on drugs.

Know now that my daughter, Taylor suffered the most. As my addiction got worse so did my parenting skills. At 6 years old she could make her own dinner and dress herself for school that she went to on the days didn’t forget. “Greed is bottomless pit which exhausts the person on endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reach inning satisfaction” I read that somewhere and I believe it sums it all up. The deciding factor that had me walk into that WEB was greed.I knew better than to go into the Tambala WEB and give them a fake prescription. With Michaels words of encouragement and my need to get hi, I had the motivation to make the biggest mistake of my life. When Michael died in January Of 2007, it took me a minute but became aware of the problem.

On the death certificate it lists his cause of death to be; acute toxicity due to he combined effects of alcohol, hydrocarbon, disappear, and carpooled. I am now a clean and sober grandmother to a rambunctious little boy named Jordan.

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