Ada by her mentor Charles Babbage. Ada

Ada Lovelace was born on December 10, 1815 in London. Ada’s parents, famous poet Lord Byron Augusta Ada Byron, and lady Byron unfortunately separated within a month of her birth. Then Lord Byron left England where she was living, and Ada never saw her father again. This also odd because when ada passed away from uterine cancer on November 27, in 1852 she asked to be buried next to her father. Ada married William King in 1845, and a few years later William King was honored the Earl of Lovelace, and that is how Ada Byron became the Countess of Lovelace.           Ada became interested in mathematics when her mother promoted Ada into it and she did this and it sounds strange but she was trying to prevent her from developing her father’s insanity. Ada’s mentor toward mathematics was Babbage, Babbage was an mathematician, inventor, and philosopher. Babbage also detailed plans for mechanical Calculating, Difference, Analytical Engines. Because of all these accomplishments Charles Babbage was given the nick name “The Father of Computing.” With the help of Baggage, Ada began studying advanced mathematics at the University of London with a professor named Augustus de Morgan. Ada’s greatest accomplishment was being able to translate an article on Babbage’s analytical engine. She did not only just translate the article from French into English, she also added her own thoughts on the Babbage article. When Ada was done, her notes ended up being three times longer than the original article. Another major accomplishment was Ada would described how codes could be made to handle letters, symbols, and numbers.  Ada also created the modern day, “looping that computer programs” which is a method for the engine to repeat a series of instructions. Lastly, another accomplishment from Ada was that she created an advanced program for a computer designed by her mentor Charles Babbage. Ada faced many difficult times being a mathematician she suffered from lingering problems with asthma and a weak digestive system. This lead to her being prescribed certain pills, which caused her personality to change and she started to experience mood swings and hallucinations, which made it hard for her to focus on her work and marriage. An interesting and unknown thing about Ada is that she tried to created mathematical schemes for winning at gambling. Unfortunately, it did not end up well and her ideas failed and put her in financial debt.            


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