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Does the promo meet the requirements of the CAB? Yes my promo meets the requirements of the CAB as it gives a detailed artist line-up of my festival, lasts between 45 and 60 seconds, it’s suitable for my target audience and includes sound effects and a soundtrack. What sound effects or soundtrack did you add? How did this enhance the promo? Added a few sound effects to my promo to enhance it further. One effect I added was a firework explosion. I added this to the start of my promo and it made it more that little bit more thrilling. Secondly, I added an audience clapping sound effect.This made my promo more atmospheric, like the listeners are already at the festival. I thought this was a very effective sound effect, I added it twice.

Included a soundtrack from a band attending my festival, the ‘Arctic Monkeys’. This will enhance my promo because the listeners will remember the song, and it will link it to my promo. This will mean more people will remember details about my festival such as the artist list. What feedback did you receive from your teacher and test buddy? My teacher told me should fade out my promo towards the end. Consequently, he also said I should change the volume of my soundtrack as it was overpowering.

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What action did you take as a result of the feedback? In response to this feedback, I faded out the end of my promo and also made sure the soundtrack ended quite gracefully. Furthermore, I experimented with the volume of my sound effects, voice-over and soundtrack. After a while found the perfect volume for each section of my promo, with the soundtrack quieter than the viceroy and the sound effects slightly louder than my voice-over. Mobile application prototype Design What features of your designs would make the prototype suitable for your target audience? Try to justify your design decisions. Lost my original review) What feedback did you receive on your designs from your teacher and test buddy? What action did you take as a result of the feedback? Do the prototype designs meet the requirements of the CAB? Build How did you gather the assets? What did you do to prepare them for use in the prototype? Why did you choose the assets? Did you add any other features or screens? How did they enhance the prototype? How did you test your prototype? Does the final prototype differ from your original designs? If so, explain any changes you made.

What feedback did you receive from your teacher and test buddy?

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