ACKNOWLEDGEMENT level. Special thanks to our H.O.D

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThe present report is the work carried out during 4th year under the supervision of Prof.

U.V. Joshi in Mechanical engineering department at Government Engineering college, Surat.

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First of all we want to thank our Government Engineering College (Mechanical Engineering Department) for providing us such a great atmosphere around us which encourages every student to work to their peak level. Special thanks to our H.O.D of Mechanical Engineering department Prof. V.D.

Dhiman and Prof. U.V. Joshi for their immense support, for their precious guidance and moral support which is beyond any comparison.

We are also very much grateful to Industrial Coordinator Mr. Gordhanbhai P. Jogani (SWAMI TEXTILE PVT. LTD., Pandesara, Surat). All our team members and our Professor have played significant role as moral boosters and have extended all possible help and co-operation.

We expressed sincere gratitude to them.Last but not the least we are thankful to our parents who help us financially when we required and encourage us to get great achievements in our life.Thank you all


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