Thanks to her honorable thesis adviser, Dry. Sonnies A. Veda for the enlightenment, time and understanding the results of the study making it clearer and organized and for the bone-sucking pieces of advice for the author to be more motivated throughout the duration of this paper, for trustfully letting the author borrow his GAPS and for always reminding that time is no longer our friend during the conduct of the study. Thanks to her honorable panel members, Proof. Magdalene D. Dully and proof.Maria Alma D. Quick for the criticism, suggestions, shared ideas, and guidance for the format of the paper and for the constructive means of developing her academic career.

Thanks to the officials and residents of Brays. Camelot and Alumna, and to the Initial MOD, who had contributed much in the completion of this paper. Thanks to F-reenters Printing for their satisfying and excellent services for the printing of this paper. Thanks to the MISS Anyway faculty and staff, headed by ChancellorProserpine G. Rosa and to the MOMS Anyway Research Department, headed by Dry.

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Eleanor C. Roar and Ma’am Amy for the analyses of water quality, Dry. Gill. Alumna’s for trustfully letting the author to borrow the field sampling equipment where laboratory works were conducted.

To Sarah and her family, Fred, Joy Ann, Jeeps, Hared, Adrian, Alfresco, Megan, Shanghai, Karri, Picot and other colleagues, friends, and students of MASC.]

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