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Accounting is a vast field that covers a wide range of services being offered to clients – preparing and auditing financial statement, consulting with regard to tax and help preparing tax returns, bookkeeping and financial and business advisory services – broadly classified.As an accountant, you will have many career options to choose from – from being an associate accountant to an in- house accountant to being a part of third party audit form, serve as an independent accountant, be an internal auditor or become a budget analyst et cetera – the list is endless and it only shows how important accounting is to each firm and various avenues that have opened up for the professionals and fresher as well!With an ever increasing demand of skilled accountants, the global accounting industry has created a lot of employment opportunities and will continue to do so. Accountants in the present times have become the voice of management when it comes to taking strategic decisions. Rather than just being a data collector, accountants have come a long way and are now being called upon to analyses the report and provide their input in order to help management take important decisions, ones which have the ability to impact the business.

Apart from a degree from a reputed college/ university, students can up their quotient by taking up an internship. An internship with a global company will not only add credits to your course, it will also put you ahead of the lot when it comes to acquiring hands-on experience and the chemical know-how necessary to gain an entry to one of the best companies.It will also provide you with excellent networking opportunities and helping you build a pool of knowledge that comes from the industry and the professionals who have been in the industry and know exactly what it takes to be a successful and a sought after accountant. Enroll now with Prussia to get the global advantage when you sign up for their flagship international internship program and get a kick-start your journey towards a fulfilling career!

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