According consider a good path is one where

According to the story the skills you need to choose a path are courage and a sense of direction. I think I have parts of those skills but I don’t think they are fully developed. I am very hesitant when trying some new things but I am good at knowing where I stand. I think its important to be brave but you shouldn’t blindly agree to do things.

Knwoing your place is important so you wont think of yourself as too high or too low. I feel like it would give you the mindset of “im here now, how can I improve” instead of “theres no more I can do”. Some highlights of choosing a good path is being proud that you set yourself up for success and knowing you be happy there. What I consider a good path is one where you are happy , feel comfortable, and you enjoy what you do. Theres a quote that says “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. When you choose a good path it wont feel like work.

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When we take the wrong path, things start to get very unenjoyable, youll stop putting as much effort into things and that can take a toll on your life. If that happens we can you can do one of two things give up or turn your life around. For me I avoided this situation completely.

As a person who doesn’t like surpises I don’t think I am very open to making changes in fear that it will mess everything up. My present highschool plan is quite flexable. I specifically took courses that set me up for several different paths and I think im really going to benefit from that. To overcome the Lurch, the Slump, and the Waiting Place, you need to be optimistic, patient, and you need to believe in yourself that you can find a way out.

In other words, you need to be resilient and, what I like to call, “shock-proof” so that no matter what happens to you, or what problems come your way, you will always somehow find yourself back on your tracks. I believe that I possess those skills and that I am able to deal with problems really well, but there is always an infinite number of ways that I can become even more resilient.


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