According National Movement, or FNM, plans to do

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary crime is defined as an illegal act for which someone can be punished, by the Government especially. Crime affects The Bahamas in many negative ways. The three major political parties in The Bahamas all have different ideas and strategies for the reduction and prevention of crime. Firstly, The Free National Movement, or FNM, plans to do this by working with community-based partners to change the violent way of life in communities, through safety programs in the neighborhood.

They plan to use state-of-the-art technology to help fight against crime. This is inclusive of social media exploitation technologies and drones. The Free National Movement will arrest gang crime and violence.

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They will be assisted by all individuals who are formulating programs that teach the youth about the dangers of gang cultures. Their plan is to acknowledge an Inspector for the Law Enforcement Agencies. His/her responsibility will be to review the organization and successfulness of our enforcement agencies as they provide services to our communities. Furthermore, The Democratic National Alliance’s plan to fight crime is by establishing a National Intelligence Consortium and Agency. This agency will develop policies related to functions, responsibilities and over-sight arrangements for intelligence systems.

They will also form and implement a prosecution team that consists of a senior spokesperson, two to four advocates and two juniors. The DNA’s plan is to increase the use of trained police officers to assess evidence collected by investigators. They will establish programs to steer young people, young men in particular, from nonconformist behavior and toward more prosperous lifestyles.

The DNA will enforce laws that prevent illegal drugs and firearms from entering The Bahamas. The Progressive Liberal Party’s action plan to protect the citizens of The Bahamas from crime is to expand the use of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV). They will also increase the number of cameras used, especially in areas where crime is most likely to dwell. They plan to put an emphasis on regional security agreements. This will allow them to pool resources and share knowledge with Caribbean neighbors. The PLP will build a Forensic Lab that will save resources, increase efficiency and ensure the presentation of quality evidence for trials.

In addition to this, they will launch a Drug Treatment Court to prevent first time offenders charged with possession of illegal drugs, even if it is a small amount. The PLP’s plan is to amass ground intelligence to enable a faster response by law enforcement to gang-related activities, by enhancing the collaboration between the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the new Gang Unit. The main causes of crime in The Bahamas are poverty, poor parenting skills, being a victim of a chain of events and deprived neighborhoods. The high crime rate in The Bahamas affects the Tourism Industry because it can discourage visitors from coming her with theier families.


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