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According to Nielsen Philippines the Executive Director Carlo Santos said in a statement that “The landscape media is exponentially transforming with more consumers that are getting intelligent and sophisticated with how they access the content”Companies that are seeking to do business with consumers are being urged to recognize this growing trend. He said “This opportunity where in there are more consumers that is connecting to the internet with long duration, more frequency and through various portable devices, the marketers will have to consider to this opportunity to engage in the evolving consumer.” Because the Filipino users are partial towards the entertainment-oriented activities to their smart phones, Google Play Store is an online marketplace wherein various applications can be found and has the largest percentage to overall among the local users.

The Filipinos usually spent 2 minutes per day in using this application. When it comes to the time that is being spent per application, Facebook is remained on top with an overall reach of 89% and average usage of 37 minutes a day per smart phone users. He pointed out that owning mobile device in the Philippines is being shown that it sustained growth with smart phone reaching 34% in 2014, or over a third of the local population.

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This doubled to the ownership level that is registered in 2013.While owning the tablet is at 8% in 2014 compared to last year which is 5 %. The availability of more affordable headsets causes the sudden increase of smartphone ownership. Santos said that in the Philippines the available brands in the market are about 50 due to the growing number of local brands as well as to the penetration manufacturer from China and India 33 percent last year to 39 percent in 2014 ,ages between 16-24 years old continue to own the largest ownership . It also reveals that out of 10 tablet owners, 9 of them can access the internet through a wi-fi connection with the use of their devices at home. Santos also said that the television, tablets and smartphones are quickly trespass on the territory because the homes used to be the turf of it. To stay connected to the consumers, TV and the brands that advertise in this medium must beyond traditionally integrated digital strategies and programming.

As such, when it comes to smartphones and smart tablets advertising, advertisers must now think differently. The awareness of the brand must entail effective engagement. For consumers to focus their attention to the ad, it must be different to what they usually see. However, brands must think about their digital strategies. Spending more than three (3) hours on their smartphones and smart tablets makes it a good channel to reach consumers because smartphone owners are a captive audience


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