According a research on how the factors

According to Komodiki E, 2014, they did a research on how the factors can play a part in acceptance of nursing in public.

The method used is qualitative way and the research took place at Greece. Based on their findings, there are more people supportive of public breastfeeding but there are yet have rejection towards breastfeeding in open. Factors that are play in role of acceptance of nursing in public include cultural, juridical, community and religious factors. The responses from the public may be the key in the change of rate of public breastfeeding. Throughout this research, we have found that breast milk should be the number one ‘food’ for baby.

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Since breast milk is crucial for both mother and baby ought health, all the organizations to think over promoting different kind of activities to boost the acceptance of nursing in public. Thus, it is important how the factors can influence the public opinion towards breastfeed among mothers.


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