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According to Hebda & Czar (2013), “Requirements for management healthcare information are evolving – transforming the ways that providers store, access and use information. The traditional paper medical record that reports client status and test results no longer meets the need of today’s health care industry” (p. 276).
To better serve patients EMR, EHR and PHR was implemented which in turn enable the efficient management of healthcare institutions. The name electronic health record derives from healthcare information management systems society. It defines it as a secure, real time point of car patient centric information resources for clinicians. (Thomas, 2006)
EHRs is used to automate and streamline health care workers workload, ensuring that health information is efficiently share and eliminating the potential for delays or gaps in care. It also supports the gathering of information for the utilization other than for clinical care, such as billing, quality management, outcomes, and public health disease surveillance and reporting. EHRs enable more efficient, effective healthcare delivery. It is known by various labels, such as the computerized patient record, and are provided by numerous vendors. (Thomas, 2006)
Electronic Medical Records(EMRs) is often use conversely with the acronym EHR, however, a EMR is not the same as EHR. An EMR is the electronic form of legal health record. It is a part of HER process and data. (Thomas, 2006)
Thomas (2006) states that,
The American Health Information Management Association has defined the legal health record as “the documentation of the healthcare services provided to an individual in any aspect of healthcare delivery by a healthcare provider organization. The term includes records of care in any health-related setting used by healthcare professionals while providing patient care services, for reviewing patient data, or documenting observations, actions, or instructions.”
EMR contains information that can be found on a physician paper records of a patient that is in the electronic format. This information can be derived from the EHR or additional system that can include diagnostic images, scanned images of paper documents and other types of documentation. (Thomas, 2006)
Personal health records (PHRs), is a health record that is in a digital format that owned and controlled by the patient. It consists of, a summary of health information of a patient’s entire lifetime. It can contain information about immunizations, family health history, personal health history, significant health procedures and dates, a list of health problem and host of other data. (Thomas, 2006)
PHR can also consist of data from other healthcare providers and payers, such as diagnostic test results, self-reported health monitoring information, such as weight and blood glucose level and blood pressure. It is a web portal base, which makes it possible to be access by patients from anywhere at any time, and by authorize persons. PHRs present patients with a central place to store and maintain their health history. It affords them ability to print this data and take it with them when they interface with a doctor or when give access to authorize users such as family and physician. (Thomas, 2006)
Personal health records are basically a patient view of data would be in an HER. The patients can input data into the system, choose in some PHR what data do or do not get transmitted to a physician’s office. Laureate Education (Producer). (2009). As healthcare environment continue to evolve and be more IT and connected and more data is stored electronically and accessible from healthcare networks, less information will need to be stored in individual PHR. (Thomas, 2006)
Although many health institutions have not go the way of electronic health records, it will become the way doing business in this industry. If they want to be relevant and be competitive in healthcare must take this route. Patients are very concern about their health information being access by unauthorized person which it is noted. This system of using technology to ehance healthcare service is fundamental for the present and future of healthcare..


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