According structure. Fleishman and James noted that a

According to Fleishman and James, the two dimensions are very important for the leadership development that are the consideration and initiating structure. Fleishman and James noted that a leader who has high consideration and high structure can create more profitable effective groups. They have used to various ways of measurement of the behavioral leadership on consideration and initiating structure. The concepts of consideration and initiating structure born in the Ohio state leadership Studies and Fleishman and James have accepted the concept that has become the part of the linguistics of the leadership of behavioral style measurement. I will be putting this theory into practice by taking my previous job internship as my directors at the theater as an example. The dimensions of consideration are based on people-oriented theory, involves behavior demonstrating friendship, respect, a certain warmth, mutual trust, and rapport between the leader and his group.

Which means the people-oriented leadership hypothesis depicts a pioneer who is basically spurred by and worried about her associations with individuals. People-orienteers frequently go about as coaches to their subordinates. The key feature of the dimension of consideration is they communicate in two ways that are a leader who has high scores on consideration. For example, my director is a very strict person and he usually communicates with actors very friendly during the off-work hours, however, during the work time when he starts the rehearsal, he communicates with actors very stringent because his requirements are very high. I am usually afraid of him especially when I am overwhelmed. However, “he makes me feel at comfort when I am taking an assignment on my performance”. Sometimes “he gives me a friendly suggestion of details to create a good character after the rehearsal when I am overwhelmed”. I think that would be his problem-solving behavior.

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He usually plans an opportunity to converse with actors and incorporate actors’ input into decisions in the drama. I think that he has very considerable behavior and his directing skills could have usually created successful productive group performance that makes him more respectful not only me but also among the actors. While the other director who has low consideration is “demands me to perform more than I can perform, and he drives me when I make a mistake.

Additionally, they frequently endeavor to make the work encounter charming and endeavor to cultivate a positive workplace or group dynamic. In contrast, the dimension of the initiating structure is based on the theory of task-oriented theory. Leaders who are initiating structures encompasses acts which imply that the leader systematizes and describes the relationships in the group. For example, I have a director who tends to establish well-directed drama and channels of rehearsal, and he always tries to get the job done.

I could say he is the task-oriented person because he likes to have an assignment form the actors by the means that can improve the actors’ effective performance. Which means the task-oriented leadership hypothesis describes a leader that is encouraged by achieving tasks and worried about the outlining jobs and explicit assignments for employees. The task-oriented leader focused pioneer makes approaches and techniques, educates subordinates of these methods and creates criteria for assessing effective employee execution. Task-orienteers may sort out their time around a calendar of occasions that must be finished for each day. The advantage of the consideration and initiating structure theory is that according to the University of Central Michigan, “there is developing proof that both consideration and initiating structure are essential for effectively driving groups.” Their behaviorally-oriented social research which referred to “employee-centered” and “production-centered” supervision. The dozens of examinations of the leadership development on the consideration and initiating structure both high on these dimensions, according to Fleishman and James, “pointed to have new methods and various combination to creating a new conceptualizing leadership”.

In addition, the two examinations of “Worldwide Journal of Nursing Studies” in 2007 and 2009 found that leaders working in a way steady with the people-oriented theory of leadership to be more successful than their task-oriented situated partners, (Fleishman and James). Be that as it may, the research is additionally shown that leaders who rehearsed components of the two theories of task-oriented and people-oriented were the best effect. In this situation, I like to work more than the director (A) who is considerable than the director (B) who tends to establish well-directed drama. Because director A does not push me to perform well instead of he tries to explain to make a better understanding of the character of the drama that helps and makes me easy to have good performance. To summarize, I understood that the stability of leadership patterns is how important in the development of the leadership. Such as I will not shift for my job to others or get send to my management training because according to Fleishman a leader who works stable on the job, “there appears to be considerable stability in his consideration and structure behavior over time” (Harrison and Fleishman, 1955).

Also, I hope I will attach the approaches of benefits for the combination of both high consideration and high structures in, according to Fleishman. Because the leadership style that incorporates components from these two theories can enable leaders to lead profitable, productive groups. I agree that by setting tasks for themselves and their workers, leaders can guarantee the undertaking remains on the timetable and everybody is clear about their jobs. Finally, understanding by cultivating my organization with my employees, then again, I can persuade them and make a good job environment in which all employees are urged to contribute and make inquiries.


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