According sympathy towards family members in sickness,

According to a multi-center study on self-medication and self-prescription in six Latin American countries, Clin Pharm & Ther (1996) Self-medication is a major form of self-care 1 . It involves the use of medicinal products by the consumer to treat self recognized disorder, symptoms, recurrent disease or minor health problems. (Afolabi AO, 2008).
Medicines for self- medication are often called Over the Counter (OTC) drug, which are available without a doctor’s prescription through pharmacies, mostly in the less developed countries. ( Pwar NV, Jain SK, Sahi SR,2009; Kamat VR and Nichter M,1948). Recent development of the pharmaceutical companies contribute to a wide spread availability of OTC Medicine (Hussain A, Khanum A, 2008).
Modern consumers (patients) wish to take a greater role in the maintenance of their own health and are often competent to manage (uncomplicated) chronic and recurrent illnesses (not merely short-term symptoms) after proper medical diagnosis and with only occasional professional advice, e.g. use of histamine H2- receptor blocker, topical corticosteroid, antifungal and oral contraceptive. They are understandably unwilling to submit to the inconvenience of visiting a doctor for what they rightly feel they can manage for themselves, given adequate information. (Bennett PN, Brown MJ, 2003)
Self-medication is very common and a number of reasons could be enumerated for it (Chang FR, Trivedi PK,2003; Worku S, Mariam A,2003) . Urge of self-care, feeling of sympathy towards family members in sickness, lack of health services, poverty, ignorance, misbelieves, extensive advertisement and availability of drugs in other than drug shops are responsible for growing trend of self- medication. (. Phalke VD, Phalke DB, Durgawale PM,2006)
The concept of self -medication which encourages an individual to look after minor ailments with simple and effective remedies has been adopted worldwide. (Sinclair HK, Bond CM, Hannaford PC,2001)


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