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According to Wong (2010), maximum densification to the stabilized soil mix may be carried out with the aid of introducing a appropriate quantity of nicely taken care of or well graded first-rate siliceous cloth within the shape of siliceous sand into it. In addition, Zulkifley et. Al (2014) said that the elevated of the stabilised peat soil blend is supplied by means of growing the quantity of soil filler debris shape (clays, silts or best sands) to minimise the void spaces that passed off in the stabilized soil mix aggregate. The use of fillers consisting of siliceous sand, clay or mineral soil debris features to enhance the energy of stabilized peat-cement mix by way of offering greater stable particles available for the binder to unite, minimizing unbridged ‘gaps’ in the pore interstices, therefore shaped a stabilized, load sustainable structure (Zulkifley et. Al, 2014). The addition of mineral soil as a filler to boom the variety of strong particles may helpful in gain the power, because normally peat soil contains very fewer solid particle. The filler does no longer react however it’s going to will increase the U.S.Power by way of performing as a stiffener that fill any void fashioned for the duration of the stabilization method. The addition of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) as binder could be very important in gaining the electricity of stabilized peat. When the enough amount of OPC as is brought, it will neutralized the humic acid inside soil consequently will increasing the soil pH; further retards the stabilization impact. If the binder is insufficient and not properly dispersed into the soil; has high water-cement ratio, it will effected the strength of the burnt peat pattern. A high water-cement ratio means extra water is present for hydration take region, ensuing in a excessive porosity and decrease energy of the hardened soil-cement paste. Janz and Johansson (2002) stated that the energy of the hardened cement paste is exceptionally depends on its porosity and separation between debris. Wider separation between debris will provide the better porosity, therefore decrease electricity executed. Sample specimen from BP-2 and BP-3 in intersect line 1 and BPL3-4 in intersect line 2, respectively deliver the better strength because of sufficient of water content material and cement to hardened hydration technique to take location. In other hand, the uselectricity of specimen of BP-1 is better because of presence of clayey material that crammed the void areas between particles; incredibly yield extra power. The tremendously higher amount of in situ or mineral soil fillers (or associated ash content material) that present both in the topogenic, marginal or shallow peats region may also retarded the power of the stabilized peat-cement mix due to more strong particles within the shape of obviously deposited mineral soil fillers (clay, silt or excellent sand) are available for the cement binder to shape extra stabilized, load-sustainable structure within the cement-peat stabilization procedure (Zulkifley et. Al, 2014).  Undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined


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