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According to the dictionary, genetic engineering is the modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material.

 Genetic engineering is done on humans and other living organism to change and remove or add different genes the person may want, need, or desired to be removed. Millions of people around the world have their genes modified. Although genetic engineering contributes to one of the most controversial topics to date, it can also be life saving. The engineering of genes should be the most recommended solution for people with hereditary disorders, diseases, and disabilities. Genetic engineering has its strengths which contain the action of getting rid of illnesses in unborn children, the potential to possibly live longer, and further explores researchers and medical professionals into medical advances.

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 Many people are born with deformities, chronic diseases, or illnesses that are passed down from their parents or ancestors. Genetic engineering has the ability to help change someone’s life and possibly save it. Expecting couples who have genetic or hereditary disorders go to genetic councilors who can modify the fetus’ genes so that the baby does not carry the unwanted disorder. The mother and fetus inside the womb undergo a “Genome surgery,” which alters and replaces the gene. The therapy would not effect the germ cells, nor would the DNA get passed to future generations. “Genome surgery” can prevent the child from getting Cystic Fibrosis or Sickle Cell Anemia or other chronic diseases. According to recent studies, genetic modification can potentially make a human live longer. Specific, common illness that take hold later in life and can result in killing a person earlier then necessary.

On the other hand, the genetic engineering on people can reverse some of the most usual reasons for the body’s natural decline on a cellular level. This drastically improves both the lifespan and the quality of the person’s life in the future. It may also help humans adjust to the growing world problems, for instance global warming. If the weather changes in the locations of where we live become either hotter or colder, us humans will need to learn to adapt and adjust.  There are many mysteries that science consist of, especially with the human body and other living organisms. Genetic engineering allows medical professionals further explore various genes and hereditary conditions. It helps deepen the understanding and answers many questions about genes.

The modification of genes can help scientists search and find cures or ways to prevent hereditary diseases. Other medical advances in the medical field can further along spring from genetic engineering. Understanding the human body and the way genes word can make a difference in both medical professions and  human lives who carry the disorders. Despite the fact that genetic engineering is one of the medical advances that can prevent disease, it can be quite dangerous. Genetic engineering may lead to other or worst genetic defects. Genetic modification is still a mystery, which we question the safety of making changes at cellular level.

Failures, for instance test failures can lead to the termination of embryos and genes. Fetus who are being modified have the possibility of being born with worse deformities and imperfections. Along with the dangers and risks of genetic engineering comes the expenses  of the processes. Genetic engineering can be quite expensive since you are literally changing a gene that a human being or any other organism has.  For these reasons, genetic engineering should be one of the top recommended solutions to create and improve future humans. This can decrease the number of diseases and disorders, improve human lifespans, and further advance medical studies in the medical field of genetics. If genetic engineering was completely discovered, people should have a chance to have their lives changed for the greater good. This can save, create  and strengthen the lives of future human beings.



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