AC PESTLE analysis of the organisation to

AC 3.3 Draft L&D PolicyExplanation of the process to be adopted:Before drafting an L&D policy, the L&D Manager should assess/audit current practices and research and benchmark against similar organisations within the same sector or region.Do a SWOT and PESTLE analysis of the organisation to determine the internal and external factors affecting it reaching its organisational objectives.

Identify your audience. Meet with all the key stakeholders in the organisation who will be affected by that policy whether that’s because its directly being implemented with their teams or because they are having to support the implementation of your plan and formulate a collaborative creation of their views.The organisation needs to be classified based on type: retail franchise in the private sector with both online and face to face delivery channels, immature, static and B2C with a global reach. M;S franchised under Alfuttaim has 25 stores in the middle east and Alfuttaim has 42,000 multi-cultural employees within all its brands.Ensure learning is linked to business goals and ensure ”those responsible for learning, development and evaluation have a good understanding of the strategy and objectives and discuss the key issues with a range of stakeholders.” (Professor Sharon Mavin, 2010)

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