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AbstractFor a business to achieve success, long term vision and proper planning of the processes are the tools every organization should possess. Planning helps in promising that a firm remains relevant and responsive to the requirements of its people and contributes to organizational stability and growth. It also helps in developing new programs. Planning enables the management to set policies and objectives to guide the firm and provide a clear focus to the implementation and smooth functioning of the program. This study will bring into focus the necessary steps that are required to begin a new program with a well framed strategic plan. GoalsIt is assumed that the organization deals with providing screensavers as a utility to the Microsoft operating system. The goal of the organization is to develop software that is correct, robust, flexible, usable, reliable and efficient. Developing software that is correct means it meets the requirements it is designed for. Robust software is the one which is fault tolerant and resists misuse. The software should be flexible enough to bear the technological change overtime. It should be efficient to make maximum use of the processing power, memory size and speed of the operating system. The reliability of software depends on its quality. The software should fail to crash under any condition. The usability of the software should be such that the users find it easy to use. Scope of Products and ServicesThe organization plans to launch the same screensaver with additional features to it. The others features would be that it will support the upgraded operating system of Microsoft. The primary function of a screensaver before used to be protection from the phosphate coating inside the screen due to the use of cathode ray tubes.  Since the launch of the operating systems which does not cause the formation of this phosphate coating, the primary function of the screensaver became almost obsolete. Thus to sustain, the screensaver is brought in with additional features. These additional features include password protection, virus scan, anti hack system and entertainment, knowledge or decorative purposes. This software will act as a all in one product which will be available with the minimum memory storage. Assessing Internal ResourcesThe internal resources include the various stakeholders who can positively benefit in the development of the software. Employees of the organization are the real asset to the firm. The more satisfied and motivated the employees, the better will be the quality of product. Users are of an equal importance. Various IT companies developing operating systems are yet another stakeholder which can benefit the organization.Assessing External EnvironmentThis is an era of technology and with technology comes the threat of the data being unsafe. This provides the opportunity to bring about a product that will provide security when the user is not around. The socio demographic profile of the world gives a clear picture of people being more technologically savvy and welcoming to changes. Innovation and new ideas are readily accepted by the customers all over. With the upcoming trend of greenery and saving paper, the world is shifting towards paperless economy. This means that even the minute details of the users are available on network. This again provides an opportunity to maintain the privacy of the user by bringing in innovative technologies.    Analyzing Internal ArrangementsThe organization already works on information technology so developing the same software with additional features and specifications will be an easy task. The employees of the organization are already the software engineers; therefore one does not have to invest on new human resource to develop a program. Since the product remains the same, the compatibility and competency of the human resource with the technology is the same i.e. the domain did not change. Innovative skills of the employees will add on to the strength of the organization. The organization has an advantage of a strong customer base. The organization may face issues with time. Since the product is new, understanding the change in the operating system will itself take time. Contemplating the changes and then developing the software accordingly will be time consuming. There are chances of high attrition due to the fall in the market share of the firm.Assessing the Competitive AdvantageThe already formed strong and wide customer base which trusts the quality of product being provided will be the competitive advantage. The already formed brand name coming out with the same product but with additional innovative features that will add on to the benefits of using it will definitely give the organization an upper hand over others.Developing a competitive strategyThe organization will come out with a product that has everything a user wants in single software. This software will provide features such as antivirus, anti hack, data protection and privacy maintenance and decorative appeal all in one. This will decrease the load for the users to buy different software for these features. This also will decrease the memory space that all the other software will take all together. As the space increases, the load on the random access memory decreases. This will lead to the smooth functioning of the operating system.Communication to the StakeholdersThe stakeholders for the organization are the employees, the software companies and the users. The strategy and benefits of the product are to be well communicated to the stakeholders through meetings to attain their support and increase the growth and profit earned. A proper strategic plan has to be made to show what the objectives of the firm are.    Implementation of the StrategyOnce a formal strategic plan has been made, it has to be implemented. The employees are communicated what is wanted by them and a logical framework is developed. This logical framework will guide the employees about what has to be done and by when. Once the software is made it is marketed emphasizing and taking complete advantage of the brand name. The acceptance level of the customers is then assessed.Evaluate the OutcomeThe outcome of the plan is evaluated by setting up sales targets and assessing whether it has been met or not. If met, the same strategic plan is followed else the plan has to be reviewed and necessary changes are suppose to be made.Discussion1. It was easy to make a strategic plan since the situation that was given is easily relatable. Technology and software are the part of daily lives. Therefore it becomes easy to plan in this domain.The process could have been more effective if the detailed information of the product and the situation would have been given. This would have brought in more clarity in forming a strategic plan.2. The easiest step would be analyzing the internal arrangements of an organization. This is because every organization is well aware of its own strengths and weaknesses and jotting it down is the easiest task to do.The toughest step would be implementing the strategic plan. This is because the implementation of a plan the central spine of the plan. If anything goes wrong in this step, the entire plan has to be reframed. Apart from this, there are many unforeseen parameters that may or may not be taken into consideration while planning but may hinder with implementing.3. The employees might face problems with understanding the changes made in the operating system by Microsoft. This might require extra training or workshops for the employees. To overcome these problems, the employees can be given special training about the operating system. The employees can be sent to the workshops of Microsoft to understand their technological advancements. An agreement with the Microsoft Company itself can be made about imparting knowledge of the developments it makes in its operating system so that the organization can be in line with the advancements. ReferencesCWL Hill, GR Jones, MA Schilling (2014). Strategic Management: Theory: Integrated approachhttps://books.google.co.in/books?hl=en&lr=&id=Qy8aCgAAQBAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PP1&dq=strategic+management+research+articles&ots=o9kJSnQTvx&sig=zeuk0uoa0xt0jpUn2SvHGl3iu1I#v=onepage&q=strategic%20management%20research%20articles&f=falseFT Rothaemeral. (2015). Strategic Managementhttp://dspace.elib.ntt.edu.vn/dspace/bitstream/123456789/7607/1/Frank%20Rothaermel-Strategic%20Management.pdf


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