Abstract open research challenges related to online

AbstractTheOnline Social Networks have become a very popular Web 2.0 application. Thepowerful combination of methods and techniques makes social networks analysisspecial. This paper discusses the challenges and opportunities that emerge fromthis evolution of social networks, and provides structure to better understandthe rapidly evolving field of social networks. The paper reviews the currentstate-of-the-art in the selected aspects of social networks and presents a setof open research challenges related to online social networks.

Researcheranalyzes some paper of Indian author for the study. The challenges suggest thatsignificant further research is required in social networks.IntroductionSocial refers tointeracting with other people by sharing information with them and receivinginformation from them and media refers to an instrument of communication,like the internet (while TV, radio, and newspapers are examples of more traditionalforms of media). So if we talk about social media so we can say that socialmedia is web communication tool that enable users to interact, comment, like orshare information.

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Social media is emerging as a most vitaltool of different kinds of communication which is equipped with the ability toshare information, mould opinion, connecting individuals and communities andtool of active participation. Social media refers to the means of interactionsamong people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas invirtual communities and networks (Ahlqvist, & Halonen, 2008). Due to the popularity increasedof mobile devices.

People carry their smartphones and tablets everywhere, andcan easily access their social media accounts this way. In other words, moreand more people are logging into social media sites constantly during wakinghours.Jide RotiluCyber security Specialist study that, the social media experience has been thatof creating new relationships, adding new friends, getting new likes and soforth but the main question for tomorrow is what we should do with all theserelationships we have amassed.

How can we analyze these relationships toincrease our revenue, to predict the next election, to predict how the stockmarket is going to fare Social media is going to have different advantages for all industries. As acase study, from the perspective of filmed entertainment, we could have asimple social media ecosystem as illustrated in the diagram below.The downside to this futureis the fact that you would be leveraging more of your privacy to be moresocial, there would be more vulnerability in the security and protection ofdata from social networks.

The world has shrunk further to the size of a roombut my privacy is the legal tender for its shrinkage. It would get to a pointwhere we would suddenly become “claustrophobic” and get tired of staying in the”room,” we would yearn for the distance we so wanted to get rid of. ObjectivesTo knowhow frequently users use social media platform.To studyfor what purpose peoples active on social media.

To studyfuture perspectives of social media. Review of literatureMathews Suja and George Sunnu in 2013find that, SNS has great impact on the society, in both benefits andchallenges. The advantages are massive, especially for marketers for their nextgeneration campaigns, and general public for a level medium for airing theirviews.

It benefits for education field as well, though not all possibilitiesare researched and studied to a great depth. Coming to the challenges andissues, there are several questions when we think about the negative impact ofSNS. What does it take to manage online privacy in an ethical manner? How doonline social media facilitate ethical thinking about privacy? Youngsters whoshare personal experiences online taking steps to protect their own and others’identities, but are these steps sufficient? Who is responsible, when anunintended audience can read a person’s revealing blog or post? It is essentialthat we should focus on the ethical use of these SNS so that it serves oursociety in a right way and the youth can play an important role in this. Fromthe perspective of general public, SNS, on one hand, it provides a way tocommunicate with the world, and connect our dear ones; while on the other sideit gives a platform that can be dangerous for Indian heritage and culture.Khurana N.

, study says that level ofawareness among the youth exposedto such social networking sites and findings will not only bear results as tohow adversely and positively is the youth affected by the usage of these sitesbut also will help the youth to understand the usage of these networking sites efficiently.It has now become an evident and usual sight to face individuals beinginsensitive to chat in worshipping places, homes when relatives and guests arearound, highways, schools, colleges and social gatherings wherein they are sopreoccupied and engrossed into their phones that they do not even bother tolook up as to where they are which results in their inability to prioritize asto what is important and what isn’t. Attention has thus been shifted from realto virtual world and visible to invisible friends.DollyJha, executive Director of Nielsen Indiasays that “Numbers shows that the base of online shoppers is expanding, andwith this rapid increase. The biggest gainers of online shopping have beengrocery and personal care segment.

According to Nielsen’s category penetrationreport 2015-2016, online grocery shopping rose sharply from 33 percent to 45percent in 2016″.According to KPMG 2017 report the numberof enabled mobile phones crossed 300 million in 2016 and is expected to touch700 million in2021.  Mobile remains theprimary device for Indians for connecting digitally.

With increasinglyaccessibility and affordability of smartphones, users are increasinglyconsuming content through their devices.As interesting shift in the mobileapplication space can also be observed users are shifting towards manyapplications and they are spending more than 80percent of their time onapplications. The government of India through its Umbrella “Digital Initiative”drives several digital initiatives to improve the digital infrastructure ofIndia.

The Government of India has promoted payment banks and financial mobilesolutions to bring the unbanked population into the banking fold through adigital medium. Technology has made it possible to merge the real and digitalworld, which is creating new immersive experiences for the users. Withadvancement in VR headsets, real time 360 degree viewing could be possible.

Research methodology:A study has been done on secondary data to find outhow people use social media for various dimensions and what will be the futureperspective of social media. Information from journal, articles and websiteswas taken to provide this information. A literature review of the work done byeminent writers was done to get a clear understanding of the topic. Findings and conclusionSocial Media is playing an importantrole in every individual’s life at every possible aspect.  In today’s, Scenario every individual and organizationneeds to go through their own journey of digital transformation.

In everysector we see Social media is playing key role because of its more dimensionsand technology friendly, People use it for shopping, news, entertainment,playing games, billing, education, chatting, dating, etc.  The smartphones growth in India has ensuredthat internet consumption via mobile data constitutes 15 percent of allinternet consumption in 2016, projected to rise to 30 percent by 2021. Further,Smart phone prices decline and increasing the screen sizes of smart phones andmore function will available in short period of time through that consumers,buyers can feel, touch the things  bytheir smart phones before buying it. In future people convert their TV into asmart TV.

Social media platform preparing for the world where every screen willbe connected.OTT (Over the Top) video now has a hugecoverage across all of urban India. Kids, youth and affluent viewers have astrong affinity towards digital medium. Shows on VoD (Video on Demand) have a significantlylonger shelf life than TV.

 Video streamingapps saw a 336 percent increase in usage post Reliance Jio launch. The mobilevideo traffic is expected to grow 1105 times during 2016-2021.       Bibliography Blog.

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