Abstract 1 out of 1,000 live births

Abstract Number of persons with Down syndrome in Indonesia there are about 300 thousand more.

Down syndroem is a genetic kelaina that occurs in humans that causes them to have both physical and psychological disorders. in their daily life, the person who holds down syndrome but to face the existing problems on in him, should also be mengadapi issue of money coming from outside. Acceptance of the Community are the most sensitive. Not all masyarakan understand what Down syndrome to treat them differently. Have developmental delay in children down syindrome make friends – friends around will isolate him.

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Keywords: Down syndrome, physical, psychological  preliminary Data from the World Health Organization estimates that 1 out of 1,000 live births in the world each year is estimated to be at least 3000 to 500 babies born with chromosomal abnormalities. Based on data from Susenas in 2012 the number of persons with disabilities in Indonesia reached 2.45% of the total population of about 6 million people (bps.go.

id, accessed on 27 December 2017) with disabilities have the characteristics – physical characteristics that are owned and there are no , one of the persons with disabilities who can see physically is a flat face shape, eyes slightly crossed eyes, a small mouth. ; Eher short and relatively short legs and short arms and legs.Down syndorme is the most common geentika disorder that causes differences in learning abilities and characteristics – specific physical characteristics. Down syndorme can not be cured but with maximum support and care, children – children with Down syndrome can grow up happily. Children with this downsyndrome patients experiencing mental and physical retardation.

normally a human has 23 pairs of chromosomes from the mother and father, or 46 chromosomes, but for children with Down syndrome who have abnormalities has 47 chromosomes and to date not yet known what the cause.In general, the presence of pendertita Down syndrome is often the center of attention for the surrounding. a distinctive physical appearance makes people always look kearagnya About a lack of being in a public place. there are a variety of reactions from people around there who looked cynical about these disorders there looking sorry for these people, and there is also to act casual as if – if they do not exist.For Down syndrome child is unbelievably difficult to interact with one another other than that of children with Down syndrome also have learning difficulties. selaim that these children also have difficulty speaking and capture the contact signal from the ain so that, at this stage parents should be extra to teach their children.

Research methods This study intends to explain how the social interaction of children suffering from Down syndrome to social lingukan. The case study will be undertaken in Housing Environment INHUTANI UMI I Juata, Village Juata Tarakan Kecematan North Sea. The method used was a descriptive study with qualitative approach. Kualitatid research is a method for mengekspllorasi and understand the meaning by individuals or groups of people considered to come from the social or humanitarian issues (Cesswell, 2010: 4). Based on the purpose of this study was to elihat how social interactions that occur in the environment of a child with Down syndrome with social distabilitas.DTA collection techniques Data collection is done in general in qualitative research which is as follows:pre-Courses Before processing the data, prior to collecting information by reading books or looking for other reference sources such as reading on the Internet about Down syndrome or how the interaction of the environment Field Field engineering is done in two ways namely observation and interviews.observation.


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