Abstract the lack of domestic water supply, Iraqi

 AbstractWater supply is the most imperative thing in day by day housework, particularly for cleaning and personal hygiene. Due to the lack of domestic water supply, Iraqi villagers utilize pumps to draw water to fill water tanks. Be that as it may, utilizing a non-automated on/off system to operate the pumping machine prompts the risk of having a spill of water or unnecessary power utilization. Past work included the utilization of a sensor(s) that are connected to Arduino board to run the control framework to provide overflow protection in water tanks and furthermore screen the level of the supply and show it in an application intended for the Android framework for this reason; which is connected to the Internet and ensures protection of the water pump by monitoring water flow into the system.  In this work, an automated framework will be proposed to fill the water tanks and automatically pump the water directly, and turn the pumping off in the event of water level reaching the maximum level in the tank, running the pump water once more if water achieves a low level in the tank, about 20 % of the tank capacity, it shall likewise monitor water flow into the water pump, turning off the pump where during the shortage of water; for protection purposes and turning it back once water flows back to the pump. The framework is made using ultrasonic sensors to screen the water level in the water tank and show it on the application that is intended for this reason; the way it connects to the Internet is via connecting the sensor to the nodeMCU and the water flow sensor so as to turn the water on consequently and turn it off it if the water is cut off from the water pump, via utilizing an ultrasonic sensor, where a transmitter is mounted over the highest point of the tank, sending and receiving an ultrasonic pulse through the tank. This speed sounded pulse will be reflected to the transmitter from the fluid surface.

The span between the surface and sensor can be calculated by knowing the time lag between signals sent and received from and to the transmitter. The transmitter is modified to naturally decide the level of the liquid and the pumping machine is consequently turned on if the water level in the tank is decreased and turned off if the tank is filled.  Water flow progression and liquid level are accounted for amid the filling and discharge of the water tank. Water, which relates to the water pump, which monitors the water flow into the supply and turns it off in case of an intrusion, operating the pump back again if the water comes back to the pipes and reach the water pump.

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We aim that this framework will give individuals efficient water supplies with no spills, eliminates the problem of inefficient power utilization and shield the water pump from water cuts.


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