Abstract not behave alike; electric forces come from

 AbstractElectromagnetism is any field that studies theinteraction of particles that are electrically charged.  Domains cluster around iron molecules in tinymagnetic fields; because they are not arranged in an organized way, iron is notmagnetic on its own, but can be acted on by other magnets. Domains in ferrousmetals can be temporarily activated by a flowing electric current. Electric andmagnetic forces do not behave alike; electric forces come from electric chargeswhereas magnetic forces come from moving charges currently in motion.

Electromagnetism is used in many current items such as hard disk drives, motors,generators, speakers, and magnetic resonance imaging machines. New research inelectromagnetism has shown a “camelback effect” where two lines of equal polesare charged oppositely and separated by distance, which showcases a new classof magnetic trap that can be used with cylindrical magnets. Thanks to researchdone on electromagnetism, there is a possible new future where antennas can befound on computer chips, which are currently a limiting factor in smallerdesigns since below a certain sizes, losses are too great. Meanwhile, in dailylife, electromagnetism makes Maglev trains, induction cooking, microwaves, andeven wall clocks possible. Electromagnetism is a challenging topic with much tostill be learned.  Electromagnetism and Ferrous MaterialAny metal that contains iron is knownto be ferrous.

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These common metals create domains to attract magnetic fields,and are the only things attracted by a magnetic field. Domains cluster aroundiron molecules in tiny magnetic fields, each with its own polar line that canface in different directions from the other molecules. Because these domainsare not arranged in any kind of organized way, iron is not magnetic on its own,but can be acted on by other magnets. Domains in ferrous metals can betemporarily activated by a flowing electric current (Priddy, 2017).ElectromagnetismElectromagnetism is magnetism that isdeveloped by an electric current.

Until the 1800s, electricity and magnetismwere not recognized together, but as separate forces. Electric and magneticforces do not behave alike; electric forces come from electric charges, whereasmagnetic forces come from moving charges that are currently in motion (Kashy,McGrayne, and Robinson, 2016). The study of electromagnetic fields, sometimes calledelectromagnetic induction, observes when an object becomes chargedelectrically.

In a certain range of frequency, some electromagnetic fields are:radio waves, infrared waves,  ultravioletwaves, and x-rays. Electromagnetism can only be observed when there is anelectrical current running.Importance of ElectromagnetismElectromagnetism has been a strong andinfluential force in modern society. Electromagnetism is used in many currentitems including and not limited to hard disk drives, motors, generators, speakersand magnetic resonance imaging machines (Kashy, McGrayne, and Robinson, 2016).  Electromagnetism is a major utility in mostjobs, and is heavily depended on. Without electromagnetism it would becomeincreasingly difficult for scrap yards to lift heavy pieces of metal, Maglevtrains that use magnetic repelling to levitate wouldn’t be able to work andalternate travel would become severely slower, induction cooking wouldn’texist, all of which people depend on for their own convenience and theirsafety.

Researchon ElectromagnetismRecently International Business MachinesCorporation (IBM) has released information about a new discovery inelectromagnetism.  The IBM team hasdeemed this new effect the “camelback effect.” shows two lines of equal polescharged oppositely and separated by distance. A dipole’s length must exceed acertain size before the field becomes more intense near the edges and producesa field that resembles the humped back of a camel. This discovery showcases anew class of magnetic trap that can be used with cylindrical magnets whosepoles affect a graphite rod as a trapped object (IBM Blog Research, 2017). Results of Experiments withElectromagnetism            Thanks to the research done onelectro-magnetism there is a very possible near future with antennas on computerchips. These chips could provide an extraordinary piece to connectingelectro-magnetism and quantum physics.

These are the important futureconsiderations in semiconductor research. A research team from CambridgeUniversity made the groundbreaking discovery that antennas are one of thelimiting factors when trying to make smaller designs, since below a certainsize, the losses are too much (University of Cambridge, 2015). This will changethe limits of modern technology and lead to unbelievable advancements oftoday’s world.Benefits ofElectromagnetismElectromagnetism isresponsible for a lot of things we take for granted, because electromagnetism allowsfor the switching on and off of electricity as required.

No matter the device,from wall clocks to microwaves, all have electromagnetics used in theirfunction. Plenty of appliances in the home rely on electromagniestism.  An electric fan works using electromagneticinduction principle, which keeps blades rotating, making the blade hub the fanrotation, which blows air (Balu, 2011). Electromagnetismhas had outstanding affects toward the modern-day world and very few if anynegative ones. The research of this topic has had many health benefits to bothhumans and animals, the main one being that it led to the creation of themagnetic resonance imaging machine, which uses electromagnetism to doessentially a non-radiation X-ray. It’s also led to faster travel.ConclusionThe field of electromagnetism has had avast impact on modern life. Without it, even the most common daily activities,from checking the time to traveling to work, to making dinner or even turningon a light switch, would not be possible.

In the future, electromagnetism couldyield even greater changes for society as computer chips with antennas enableeven smaller technology to integrate into daily life, mayeven lead to travel in space using ion propulsions systems that generatemagnetic fields in order to accelerate ions for thrust (Williams, 2016). Onething is clear about this complex and fascinating topic:Electromagnetism’s potential for changing the way we live is far from finished.


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